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Providing specialized services for Iran tourism since 2009

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Persian Trips (Alborz-e man tour and travel agency) has started working in the field of Iran tourism since 2009. During this period it has been able to define tourism programs in all provinces of Iran and run many tours in these routes.

Routes were defined in various topics including historical-cultural, mountaineering, desert hiking, canyoning, camping, valley camping, bird and wildlife watching, off-road driving, nomadism, and more than 200 various tour packages. During12 months of the year, many tours are performed throughout the vast territory of Iran.

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From / 14 Days
The land of the Sun and the Mirror
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From / 11 Days
The Land of Waves and Palms
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From / 14 Days
The Miracle of Desert and Sea
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From / 16 Days
To the Land of Colors and Light
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