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About Us

Our Goals:

Iran, also known as Persia, is one of the rare countries in the world where tourists can experience all four seasons in just one country; this unique feature, along with possessing various ecosystems like mountain ecosystem, jungle ecosystem, forest steppe, sea ecosystem and aquatic ecosystem, has resulted in the formation of many natural attractions like waterfalls, caves, lakes, lagoons, plains, jungles, springs, deserts, mountains, peaks, and picturesque beaches in this geographical expanse; consequently, Iran is ranked five in terms of natural attractions in the world.

Furthermore, Iran has a remarkable status in the world regarding culture, history and human civilization. Having 24 historical and cultural sites and 21 intangible cultural heritages designated by UNESCO by 2022 has made Iran the tenth country in the world in terms of cultural and historical attractions. Despite all these potentials, not much tribute is paid to this country due to some political approaches and international disputes; as a result, few people are aware of the tourism potentials in Iran and thus most globetrotters know little about Iran.  

The main goal of Persian Trips is to make these worth-visiting attractions known to the whole world in order to invite those who are enthusiastic about the history, culture and nature of Iran and create unforgettable memories for them.

Why Persian Trips?

With over a 12-year experience in tourism industry, we are honored to have run more than 3000 group tours with over 50 thousand travelers, a brilliant experience that has made Alborz-e Man one of the prestigious travel agencies in touring around Iran.

Alborz-e Man Travel Agency has always persevered in being a pioneer in tourism industry, so our agency has managed to have tours to 31 provinces of Iran through creativity and innovation, and introduce many unknown attractions to travelers for the first time in Iran; as a result, our travel agency has many good relations with those who have active roles in tourism industry like tour leaders, local guides, accommodation and hotel owners, local transports, etc. throughout Iran; having these privileges has contributed to offering better services to our tourists even in the most remote and far-fetched areas.

Our Team:

Our executive team is composed of enthusiastic youths and experts in different tourism fields. Aside from adoring the rich history, culture and nature of Iran, our team members are dedicated to their work and thus do their best to create memorable experiences for our travelers. One important reason for Alborz-e Man Travel Agency success can be attributed to the perseverance of this professional team.

Our Services:

Considering our long-standing experience of running Iran tours professionally for over a decade, Persian Trips can offer and present all services related to tourism industry, including visa, transfer, running various tours, booking accommodation, etc., throughout Iran; luckily, all these services are directly managed and coordinated by Persian Trips Travel Agency.

Persian Trips Website:

Persian Trips website was created in 2021 with the aim of introducing and presenting the tourism services of our travel agency besides introducing the tourist attractions of our country, Iran.

It is noteworthy to mention that all the uploaded pictures, videos and texts are personally funded by Persian Trips Travel Agency; therefore, we have planned to make this website a thorough source and reference for tourism in Iran. Every one is permitted to use the pictures, videos and texts uploaded on Persian Trips website provided that they cite Persian Trips as the source and owner of these contents.

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