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Maragheh Blue Tower

Maragheh (in East Azarbaijan province) is located in the cat's ear of the map of Iran. This ancient city dates back to before the migration of the Aryans (about 6  thousand years ago).

After Islam, Maragheh has hosted important governments in the region due to its special geographical and political position. The constructions of different rulers have made this city known as the city of Towers. One of these domes, which is one of the most important, is called Maragheh Blue Tower.Let's explore a little more

History of Maragheh Blue Tower:

Various theories have been expressed regarding the exact time of its construction. From the Seljuks to the Ilkhanate (they even call it the tomb of Hulagu Khan's mother).

But an architectural feature and a documented report prove that this building belongs to the Seljuk period; but how? In the Seljuk era, conical roofs were very common, and there is also a historical report from the sources of the 11th century AD, which shows that this building had a conical roof (this roof has been destroyed today). With the passage of time and the occurrence of various natural and man-made accidents, this Tower has been damaged and, as mentioned, its conical roof does not exist today. But it has been restored since last 10  years.

How was the architecture of Blue Tower and what was the purpose of this instruction?

Like all Towers in the Islamic era, this building was also considered the burial place of famous people. Many believe that the mother of Hulagu Khan (the first Ilkhanate ruler) is buried in this place.But the architecture of this two-story building is very attractive and eye-catching. An 8-meter tower with brick walls built on stone foundations.This tower has a 10-sided structure and its sides have arches and toothed borders. What makes this Tower unique is the decoration of its exterior with turquoise(The reason for the name blue) bricks and pottery and Islamic motifs with very beautiful lines.The most interesting thing is that the exterior is decorated row by row, and the moqrans of the 7th and 8th centuries of Hijri can be clearly seen in it.

Maragheh is the city of Towers and its blue Tower is a shining diamond!!!



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