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El Goli PARK

Tabriz is one of the old and historical cities of Iran. However, due to earthquakes and fires caused by the attacks of Iran's enemies, the number of surviving heritages is less than similar cities.

Fortunately, one of these remaining heritages, which in a way gives freshness to Tabriz, is the El Goli or Shah Goli mansion in a park with the same name.

It's time to visit the city of Firsts in Iran.

When did the construction of El Goli go back?

After the presence of the Turks in Asia Minor, or Anatolia, Tabriz gained a new and double importance. Therefore, during the presence of Turks and Turkmens in this region, different buildings were built in Tabriz. The Turkmens came to a part of Tabriz to irrigate the surrounding lands.During the Safavid era, a fence was built around this area, which looked like an artificial lake. After that, during the Qajar era, when Tabriz became the crown city, an adobe building was built in the lake with trees and a big garden around it to make the atmosphere of Tabriz city more beautiful.

Finally, during the Pahlavi era, this adobe structure was destroyed and rebuilt, which remains until today. From that time, the side of this lake and its entire area became known as Shah Goli (Big Pool) and after the Islamic Revolution as El Goli (People's Pool).

Today, this area is considered a place of entertainment for the people of Tabriz and other domestic and foreign tourists.

Different parts of El Goli:

This 137-hectare park is full of various and very modern entertainments such as: (boating - mini golf - cycling - rock climbing - Horse riding - billiards - all kinds of shops and restaurants, etc).El Goli pool has an area of about 50  thousand square meters and a depth of 12  meters. El Goli mansion in the middle of it, where Iranian-Islamic architecture is evident, is built on two floors and today it is considered a special and traditional restaurant where you can enjoy your food with a view of the water.

A mansion in the heart of water and a park as beautiful as Tabriz. Do not miss visiting El Goli!!!



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