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Tabriz Municipality Palace Museum

Tabriz is a very special city since many of the first manifestations of modern European civilization have appeared in this city due to its proximity to Europe and being the traditional residence of Qajar crown princes.

Tabriz Municipality Palace was built in 1314 AH, with European-Iranian architecture. Today, this palace has become one of the most important, the largest and the first palace-museum of municipalities in the world.

Parts of Tabriz Municipality Museum

When converting the palace into a museum, the designers tried to preserve Tabriz original pioneering history. For this reason, the museum has very special features and you can experience one of the best visits to the museum in your lifetime. Like most gardens in Iran, there is a spectacular pond and fountain in front of the building. The palace building itself consists of 12 hall-museums such as carpet, Iran–Iraq War, printing and publishing, sound, camera, shoes, calligraphy, lantern, contemporary arts. One of the interesting points about this building is the German nationality of the designer, which is why the building looks like an eagle from above.

Special Objects of the Municipality Museum

100 year-old hand-woven carpets, the first fire engine of Tabriz, manuscripts of Tabriz administrative letters, the first photographic camera of Tabriz, a taxi belonging to Qajar period and early Pahlavi period, a stone panel, exquisite leather shoes of Tabriz, etc.

You can see this palace-museum in the center of Tabriz next to Sa’at Tower. Many important historical places of Tabriz are also located around this square. So kill many birds with one shot !!!

Municipality Palace Museum in Tabriz is known for its European-Iranian architecture; the objects on display like the first fire engine of Tabriz are so unique that draw the attention of every visitor.



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