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What we are going to introduce here is one of the symbols of Tabriz city (East Azarbaijan province) and even the entire northwest of Iran.

A souvenir from the past 8 centuries that has kept the memories of the elders for us until today. Tabriz Mausoleum of Poets is the name of this historical and relaxing tomb for the visitors of the great history of this land.

Let's go to the graves of famous poets.

Where is Maqbarat-o-shoara?

Mausoleum of Poets  is located in the center of Tabriz city and in Sorkhab neighborhood. Sorkhab neighborhood is considered one of the oldest, most famous and largest neighborhoods in Tabriz and its name appears in many poems of local poets as well as geographical texts of past centuries.

The history of Mausoleum of Poets:

Among the historical texts and especially the works of Hamdallah Mustawfi, we come across the name of Maqbarat-o-shoara of Tabriz. This text is related to the 7th century AH and it mentions the burial of Asadi Tusi (one of the most famous Iranian poets) and several government dignitaries.

According to this article and other studies by researchers, this mausoleum was probably built in the beginning of the 7th century. After that, there are many references to this tomb in the texts. Over time, this mausoleum fell into disrepair and the original building was completely destroyed until in 1972, the government called for the construction of a new structure on the cemetery and it was finally completed in 1982.

Famous people buried in Mausoleum of Poets and architecture of the building:

The building, which uses traditional and modern architecture, is made like several books in different sizes, which evokes science, culture and art. This 30-meter building was built using metal infrastructure and concrete facade. About 400 famous people of Iran have been buried in this place during 8 centuries, the most famous of them is Shahriar, the famous contemporary poet of Iran. Of course, we should not forget that this tomb is not only for poets. The graves of other people such as Khaqani, Zahir-al-Din Faryabi, Thiqat-ul-Islam Tabrizi, etc are located in this place.A mausoleum with the size of 400 of the most famous Iranians in history. From poet to politician and scientist. The Mausoleum of Poets is a symbol of the history of Iranian culture!!!


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