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Khoy Bazaar

One of the main features of Iranian-Islamic architecture that cannot be found anywhere else is bazaar(market), a building full of Iranian architects’ creativity with its splendor dazzling the eyes of every beholder. Bazaar of Khoy is one of the best examples of the market in Iran that we want to get to know more about.

An Abstract of Khoy Bazaar

The Safavid era is considered to be the period of economic prosperity and increase in Iran foreign trade. The construction of comprehensive markets in the important urban centers of Iran was one of the actions of the Safavids in line with this prosperity. According to an inscription found in the market, Shah Tahmasb I Safavid (reigned 1514-1576) ordered its construction; as a result, it is still considered an active and prosperous market with 500 years old.

Different Sections

Bazaar has a rectangular shape and four long corridors diverging from its center. It must be said for sure that the interior of Bazaar has infinite beauty; a brick roof with regular geometric shapes and Islamic motifs adorns the bazaar arch. Another interesting point is the symmetry between the shops, in a way that this symmetry can be seen in the whole market. The fact that the bazaar is paved is one of its attractive features, which has been worked with the utmost precision.

Like all markets of the Islamic era, this Bazaar is also made up of different covered lanes called Rasteh. Its four corridors are divided into several lanes (one-to-one corridors) and each row belongs to a specific class of traders such as coppersmiths, goldsmiths, carpet sellers, etc. For the comfort of domestic and foreign customers, five roofed caravanserais have been built inside Bazaar.

Bazaar and city of Khoy in Iran are unique in the world. So don't forget to travel to Khoy!!!



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