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Bushehr Province


Bushehr, with Bushehr Port in the center, has a border with Persian Gulf, and it is the seventeenth province in Iran in terms of area. This province consists of 10 counties, 24 sections, 46 villages, 37 cities and 910 small villages. Bushehr, Tangestan, Jam, Dashtestan, Dashti, Deir, Deylam, Asaluyeh, Kangan, and Genaveh are counties of Bushehr province. This province has Kuzestan and Kohgiluye Boyer Ahmad to the north, Fars province to the east, Persian Gulf to the south and west, and Hormozgan to the south-east. The area of Bushehr province is about 27,653 square kilometers.


This province consists of two plain parts in the western coast and the mountains of the southern Zagros in the east. The heights of Bushehr province, which is a continuation of the Zagros, are called Gachtorsh. The heights in the southern areas approach the sea, which are known as the Nokand Heights. Khormuj Mountain with a height of 1860, is the highest peak of Bushehr province in Dashti city.


Celebrating the birth of Hazrat Fatemeh, the birth of Hazrat Mohammad, Mid- Sha'ban, the birth of Hazrat Ali, ceremonies related to the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, fasting customs and other common religious celebrations like Ghorban, Ghadir, Besat and also the celebration of the birth of other infallible Imams are other important religious celebrations in Bushehr province. Eid-e Fetr is popular among the people of Bushehr province as the Eid- e Mordeha (Eid for the Dead ) or the Eid-e Talkhak (Eid of Bitter) because those, who have lost one, hold a ceremony called Fatehe Khani, and people go to visit them to offer their condolences on this day.


Ababafi (cloak weaving), Gargour bafi, Gabbeh bafi, boat building, fish and shrimp, dates and ardeh (tahini) are some of the famous handicrafts and souvenirs of this province. One of the most famous local foods of Bushehr is all kinds of Qeliyeh, Qeliyeh is originally an Arabic word meaning various kinds of food prepared with meat. The women of this province wear a long shirt with a black cloak, a thin black mask, a thin scarf, pants and a kind of sandals known as Kush. The official shirt of the women of Bushehr is a loose-fitting dress called the Arabic shirt, with beautiful and interesting decorations used in sewing it. Bushehr women often go out with local chador.
The long white shirt called "Dashdasheh" is one of the common men's clothes in Bushehr province. Older men use a type of scarf (cashmere shawl) by which the man is identified as an old man. The men of Bushehr wear a cloak called “Dagle” and usually a white short-sleeved underwear. They also wear colored sweatshirts and wear them on their pants, which is known as Langoote.

Tourist Attractions

Ghocharak hot spring in Delvar city, Niayeshgah Mand at a distance of 30 km from Khormuj, Hele protected area at a distance of 10 km northeast of Bushehr port, Pardis jam mountain, Shaghab cemetery in south of Bushehr city, Rais Ali Delvari House and Museum, Goor Dokhtar in Tang Eram Dashtestan city, Cyrus Dashtestan palace in Borazjan city, Historical palace of Nasouri in Siraf, Siraf Cemetery and Archaeological Site in Siraf Port, Jashk salt dome between Dashti and Deir cities, Imam Hasan Basri mosque, Bushehr Persian Gulf Maritime Museum, Siraf Historical cemetery, Bushehr Amiriyeh Mansion are some of the sights of Bushehr province.

Dehdashti Edifice

Bushehr Dehdashti Edifice is one of the most beautiful original houses in the historical city of Bushehr, the capital of Bushehr province. The historical context of Bushehr includes the neighborhoods of Behbahani, Dehdashti, Shanbadi and Kooti or Sheikh Saadoun.

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Bandar Siraf

Bandar Siraf (Siraf port) is located in Bushehr province, 40 km from Kangan city and Bushehr-Firoozabad and Assaluyeh intersections. Siraf has a very attractive and spectacular view due to its location between the sea and the mountains.

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Siraf grand mosque in Bushehr

Siraf grand mosque in Bushehr

Siraf grand Mosque is one of the unique and valuable historical monuments of Siraf ancient port in Bushehr province. This mosque, which is one of the mosques of the beginning of Islam, is built with the pattern of pillared nave mosques and on buildings from the Sassanid period.

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Pardis jam mountain

Pardis jam mountain

Pardis Jam or Padri mountain is one of the tourist attractions of Bushehr province, which is located near Jam city. The height of Pardis Jam mountain is about 1047 meters above sea level.

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