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Fars Province


The beautiful historical city of Shiraz is one of the most popular cities in Iran, which is an important city in the country in terms of culture, civilization, climate and numerous tourist attractions. Fars province is home to different ethnic groups, including Persians, Lors, Qashqai Turks, Tajiks, Arabs and Kurds, each with their own customs.


Fars province, with Shiraz as the capital, has a border with Isfahan in the north, Yazd in the east, Hormozgan in the south, and Kohgiluyeh and Bushehr in the west. This region has many plains, deserts, lakes, mountains, valleys, straits, rivers and springs, with 70% of the province being mountainous.


In music field, the love music of Qashqai, which is full of joy and sorrow, is known. Among their traditional dances, wood dance is more attractive due to its performance style. Hosseini Tasua and Ashura ceremonies in Kazerun are one of the most unique ceremonies of their kind in Iran. The local costumes of Fars province are one of the most beautiful cultural attractions throughout Iran, but this clothing is more common among the villagers and nomads of this province. Qashqai tribes, who compose an important part of the population, cling to their traditional clothing; the fame of the local clothes of Qashqai men and women living in this province has spread so widely that it has become one of the most important cultural attractions of these people today. Nomadic women's clothing includes hats, arkhaleq, tonban, slippers, scarves, shirts, skirts (qar), which are mostly colorful and inspired by nature. Nomadic men's clothing also includes hats, shirts, waist scarves, etc.


The most important handicrafts of Fars province are kilim, carpet and Gabbeh in addition to the inlay works. Mosaic work, painting on wood, pottery, mosaic tiling, seven-color tiling along with silk dyeing and metalworking are also common in Fars province. Inlay works, nomads’ carpets, kilims and Jajim of Fars province are good choices to buy as souvenirs.

Tourist Attractions

This city, which offers tourists an indescribable pleasure and a unique sense of the pleasant aroma, has many natural, historical and tourist attractions, the most important of which include the tombs of famous Iranian poets such as Hafez and Saadi, historical gardens such as Eram, Narenjestan Ghavam, Delgosha, Jahan nama, Afifabad, religious places such as Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine, and historical places such as Persepolis, Pasargadae, Atiq Grand Mosque, Nasir Al-Molk Mosque, Karim Khani Citadel Complex, Vakil Historical Bathhouse and Bazaar, Divankhaneh Mansion, etc. Raghez Strait, Margon Waterfall, Shapoori Mansion, Moshir Al-Saltanah Mosque, Maharloo Lake, Tavakoli House, Jahan Nama Garden, Haft Tanan Garden, Forough Al-Molk House, Tizab Strait, Izdkhast Castle, Izdkhast Caravanserai, Baraq Strait, Darabgard, Darab Naghsh-e Shapur, Neyriz Azarakhsh Mosque are other tourist attractions of this province.

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Afif Abad Garden

Afif Abad Garden:Iran is the land of gardens. You can see unique examples of Persian Gardens all over Iran. Among these gardens, Afif Abad garden in Shiraz (Fars province) is one of the most magical and beautiful Persian Garden, which greatly impresses its visitors. You can visit this garden in the center of Shiraz and among many other historical sites.

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Zinat Al-Molk Historical House

Shiraz is the city of old houses and magnificent mansions. Most of these buildings were built during the Qajar era and for this reason they are still standing and undamaged. One of these mansions is called the Historical House of Zinat Al-Molk or Zinat al-Moluk. A house belonging to Mrs. Zinat al-Moluk, which has a long history in it.

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Izad Khast Castle

Izad khast Castle is located in the north of Fars province, within the city of Abadeh on the Isfahan-Shiraz road. This castle is the first multi-storey building in the world, which was built with the basic materials of clay, mud, wood, etc.

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Nazar Garden

The history of Shiraz has a deep connection with Zandiyeh dynasty. Karim Khan Citadel, Vakil Bathhouse, Vakil Mosque and Vakil Bazaar are among the works built by Karim Khan. Within walking distance from these structures, a mansion, which turned to be his burial place, was built by Karim Khan.

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Vakil Mosque

Iran is the cradle of beautiful mosques with unique Iranian-Islamic architecture. One of these architectural masterpieces is Vakil Mosque, which dates back to the Zand dynasty and is located in Shiraz (Fars province).

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Hafeziyeh Tomb

The tomb of Hafeziyeh was restored several times during the Safavid dynasty as well as the reign of Nader Shah Afshar. Parts of Hafeziyeh, such as four-pillar Hall, were added during the Zandiyeh period. During the Qajar and Pahlavi rule, Hafeziyeh building was repaired and rebuilt several times.

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