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Afif Abad Garden

Afif Abad Garden:Iran is the land of gardens. You can see unique examples of Persian Gardens all over Iran. Among these gardens, Afif Abad garden in Shiraz (Fars province) is one of the most magical and beautiful Persian Garden, which greatly impresses its visitors. You can visit this garden in the center of Shiraz and among many other historical sites.

A short history of Afif Abad garden.

Afif Abad Garden was built during the Safavid era with an area of 13 hectares. The ownership of the garden belonged to the rulers of Fars and the Safavid kings lived there during their travels to this region. During the Qajar era, one of the elders of the city bought this garden and made changes in it and expanded its buildings. At the end of the Qajar era, his niece “Afifeh” completely renovated the garden and gave it a new appearance (the name of the garden is taken from the name of this lady. During the Pahlavi regime, the Iran army bought the garden and turned it into an army museum. Even today, the garden is still considered one of the largest military museums in the Middle East.

Features of Afif Abad Garden:

This garden is a perfect example of the art of flower and tree planting. Numerous croft and trees that have been planted in the garden double the beauty of the garden.

The garden consists of 3 buildings: government building (two-story)-café house-traditional bath.

Achaemenid, Sassanid, Safavid and Qajar architectural features have been used in the construction of the main building of the garden, which is unmatched in other Iranian gardens.

The walls of the bath have paintings of old Persian stories. Also, the paintings of the café house also tell the stories of the Shahnameh.

Today, in the courtyard of the garden and inside the main building, weapons from the past 400 years are on display for visitors. On the second floor, some of the properties of the Pahlavi family are displayed.

Visiting Afif Abad garden in Shiraz will undoubtedly be one of the most soulful and memorable trips of your life!!!

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