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Nane Nader Tower

Nane Nader Tower or Nader Shah’s Mother Tower is located in Larestan city of Fars province. This tower is located in the south of Fars. This building is square in shape in dimensions of 4.5 by 4.5.

The height of this tower, which is also called the tomb, is 9 meters above the ground. This historical and spectacular monument attracts many tourists to Fars province every year. You can visit this historical and impressive tower through the tourist tours of Persian trips group. Nane Nader Tower is a stone building in terms of architecture, which was completed in the Timurid and Safavid periods. This stone building is in the shape of a rectangle, which its beauty is doubled by its beautiful dome. The external walls of the building are 8 by 8 meters square. Due to the high height of this building, it can be seen well from different parts of the city. This historical monument has been registered in the list of national monuments on 2/8/2003 with the number 10504. Laris say about the building of this tower: Nader Shah's mother was kidnapped by a number of opponents and Nader went through the cities one after another to find his mother and harassed the people in each city for a long time. When Laris saw Nader shah’s army behind the gate, and after much consultation, they immediately erected a magnificent tower next to the Dragon Castle and wrote on it: Nader's mother tower and then inform Nader Shah to stop killing and looting people. In search of your mother, do not destroy the cities under the poison of your horses, because Nader's mother has died in Lar, and Nader Shah returns safely after learning this.




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