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Khalid Nabi complex

Khalid Nabi complex is located 90 km from Gonbad Kavous city and 55 km from Kalaleh city near Gachiso village in Golestan province. Khalid Nabi complex consists of several tombs and cemeteries with strange tombstones.


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Khalid Nabi tomb is a building with a rectangular plan with a circular green dome on its top. The building has two metal pillars, a number of windows and an iron door. Inside the tomb is a tomb one and a half meters long. The building does not have any inscription. According to the narrations, Khalid Nabi was one of the four prophets who lived between the time of Jesus and the Prophet of Islam. He later converted to Islam and became one of the companions of the Prophet. A short distance from Khalid Nabi shrine, there is another shrine called Shepherd Atta. This tomb is also a rectangular structure with a pointed metal dome on top of it. The tomb has three arched windows. Near the shrine of Khalid Nabi, there are flowing springs, which are very spectacular in spring. The Turkmen consider spring water to be healing and use it to cure their cattle. There are also people who use spring water to heal and meet their needs. Near the shrine of Shepherd Atta, another similar shrine has been built, known as erudite Baba. In front of the tomb of erudite Baba, there is a tree that is famous for looking at the tree. The natives of the region believe that this tree has a magical property and can meet the needs and prayers of people. According to popular tradition among the locals, erudite Baba, the father of Khalid Nabi's wife and the shepherd Atta, was one of his close companions, all three of whom are respected by the Turkmen.

Khalid Nabi Cemetry

Near the tomb of erudite Baba, on its hills, the ancient cemetery of Khalid Nabi, which is one of the most important parts of the collection of Khalid Nabi, can be seen. This cemetery province Golestan province is one of the oldest cemeteries in Iran, it had more than 600 tombstones. Of course, only according to the triads of their number that has been classified. The height of these tombstones is sometimes up to four meters. The tombstones of this cemetery are divided into three categories in terms of appearance:
The first category is cylindrical tombstones with different heights and thicknesses. These raised stones have a tapered cone and cap. Some of these raised stones also have grooved decorations. These tombstones are said to have belonged to men. The height of the bodies is from one meter to about 5 meters. Some believe that the size of the tombstones varies based on the social status of the deceased. The second category is cruciform tombstones. It is believed that this type of raised stone was specific to women. Tombstones that are very similar to ram's horn are in the third category. According to local Turkmen epics, the ram is a symbol of power. For this reason, many researchers attribute these rocks to powerful and influential people.

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