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Hamedan province


Hamedan province with an area of more than 19 thousand square kilometers is located in western Iran. This province hosts different ethnic groups with their own cultures, customs and traditions; therefore, the diversity of dialect and language in the province is well observed. Most residents inhabiting the capital speak Persian, Turkish is spoken by most of the residents living in the northwestern part of the province, Lori and Lak are spoken by the residents of Malayer, Nahavand and Samen, and Kurdish is spoken by most of the residents living in the northwestern and western parts of the province adjacent to the western provinces like Kurdistan.


Hamedan has borders with Zanjan in the north, Lorestan in the south, Markazi province in the east, Kermanshah and part of Kurdistan province in the west. Hamedan is a mountainous region, with Alvand mountain with a height of 3,574 meters as one of the most important heights of this region. Hamedan has 9 cities, 25 districts, 27 counties, 73 villages and 1120 small villages. Tuyserkan, Malayer, Nahavand, Hamedan, Kaboudar Ahang, Asadabad, Bahar, Famenin and Razan are the cities of this province.


There are various rituals performed by the people of Hamadan in every season like Samanoo Pazan, in which people cook a kind of sweet paste (Samanoo) mostly in New Year celebration. The other interesting ceremony in Hamedan is called Rakht Boran (bringing clothes), in which the women of the family go to the bride's new house to measure the proper size for the dress and sew clothes for her; in addition, they bring sweets as gifts to the bride.
The clothing of the people inhabiting Hamedan includes clothes for the whole body like caps and footwear. Despite having four different ethnicities (Persian, Turkish, Lor, Kurdish), the types and styles of clothing for men and women share similarities. The weaving of fabrics and shoes, especially Giveh (a kind of handmade shoes), was common in the villages before the import of foreign goods; Malayer Giveh, which is called Ajideh, is considered as one of the handicrafts of the province.


Pottery, tanning, leather embroidery, mosaic, inlay, carpentry, masonry, Nahavand kilim, glassmaking, Malayer pearl weaving and carpet weaving are some of the handicrafts of Hamadan province. Glassware or objects prepared by traditional glassmaking method can be bought as a souvenir. In addition, Malayer carpet, sofa and quilt, Nahavand famous kilims, copper, gold, silver, silver utensils and wooden tools that have been made by craftsmen are other souvenirs of Hamedan.

Tourist Attractions

Besides many rivers and springs, Hamedan has beautiful attractions due to its historical antiquity. Ali Sadr Cave, Hegmataneh Palace, Abu Ali Sina Tomb, Babataher Tomb, Alavian Dome, Alexander Cemetery, Tomb Aref, Ein Al-Qozat, Qorban Tower, Shahbazian House, Shir Sangi, Bagh Nazar Mansion, Qalmadani House, Hamadan Telescope, Imam Square, Qaleh Dokhtar, Hegmataneh Hill, Pisa Hill, Mosalla Hill, Haj Enayat Hill, Amirafakhm Bath, Pol shekaste, Golshan Caravanserai , Jahanabad bridge, Ganjnameh waterfall and inscription, Stromardkhai tomb, Protestant church, Noshijan hill, Mirftatah ice house, Saman underground city, etc. are among the tourist attractions of this province.

Mausoleum of Baba Taher Hamedani

Mausoleum of Baba Taher Hamedani

The tomb of Baba Taher Hamedani in Hamedan, better known as Baba Taher Oryan, lived in the fourth and mid-fifth centuries AH. This time coincides with the Seljuk period. Hamedan is one of the most historical cities of our country, and there are many attractions in this province.

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Ganjname complex

Ganjname complex

Hamedan Ganjnameh Cultural and Sports Village is located five kilometers far from Hamedan city, in Ganjnameh Square and next to the ancient inscriptions and Ganjnameh waterfall.

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