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Vali Castle

Vali Castle:Ilam is the cradle of one of the kingdoms of ancient Iran before the massive migration of Aryans. A fertile and green land that has witnessed various events from the attacks of Assyria, Alexander the Great and the Romans to Ottomans invasion and the 8-year Iran-Iraq war (1988-1980 AD).

One of the remaining buildings in Ilam, which was built in the contemporary era and is now an anthropological museum, is called Vali Castle.

History of Vali Castle:

Vali means the “ruler of the province”. This building was built during the time of  Naser al-Din Shah Qajar and by the order of Reza Khan Fili and by great Elamite architects as a government castle.

After the fall of Qajar, the castle maintained its governmental nature until during the Iran-Iraq war, it was seriously damaged by Iraqi army artillery fire. But in 1987, the castle was renovated and finished in 1989. After the completion of the reconstruction of Vali Castle by the Cultural Heritage Organization, it became the Museum of Anthropology of Ilam.

What do you know about the architecture of the governor's castle?

Ilam Vali Castle with an area of approximately 4700 square meters and a base of 1500 square meters, has 20 large rooms, 5 small rooms, 4 porches and 2 small balconies. This castle has two semi-circular watchtowers.

There are six underground in the castle on three sides of the north, west and east of the castle. This building has other parts such as the harem, royal throne, mirror room and prison. Like all Iranian buildings in the Qajar period, this mansion has a large water tank in the center of the castle courtyard. The Vali Castle has three entrance doors in the east, west and south parts of the building, the main door is in the south part and the other doors are for entering the private parts.

The east and west of the governor's castle are completely parallel to each other and are located about 80 cm above the courtyard. This is one of the important characteristics of Iranian architecture.

Vali Castle in Ilam is a castle scarred by the events of the times and lasting in the pages of history!!!

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