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Ali Qoli Aqa Historical Bath

Ali Qoli Aqa Historical Bath:Iranians made everything beautiful and artistic; From palaces and gardens and government offices to ordinary people's houses and shops and even public baths.

Among these baths, Ali Qoli Agha Bath in Isfahan is more than a bathing place, it is a place with a very beautiful and eye-catching facade and decorations, in which, in addition to architects, engineers have also done their work well.

Let's visit this historic luxury public bath.

How was the bath built:

According to historical reports, the exact year of its construction is 1706 and it was built in the last years of the Safavid dynasty in Isfahan. Ali Qoli Agha was one of the trusted people in the court of Safavid kings. He built the bath at his own expense. The bath maintained its function in the following periods until it was reopened as the Isfahan Museum of Anthropology in 2005, and today it is considered one of the few remaining baths from the Safavid era.

Bath architecture:

This bath is built in such a way that both men and women can use it; In two separate halls with two separate entrances. Each of these halls has 4 separate sections; 1- The entrance to the bathroom (it is angled so that the inside cannot be seen and the heat is not wasted) 2- Dressing room (place to put clothes and gather people) 3- Hothouse (includes the washing part and the source of water heat production and the space inside the bathroom) 4- Pool (a place to collect hot water, for the purpose of bathing the attendees).

The architecture of the bathroom corresponds to the architecture of the Safavid era, and symmetry can be seen in all of it. Vaulted ceilings with blue tiling and beautiful muqarnas.In order to dispose of the bathroom waste water through the hot house floor washers, the generated waste water entered the channels and after collecting it was transferred to the back of the bathroom. This sewage is taken to a place far from the city and buried.

Isfahan was the most beautiful city of the world in the Safavid era, and Ali Qoli Agha Bath is an example of its engineering and architectural masterpiece!!!

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