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Ameri Historical House

Kashan Ameri Historical House is one of the most beautiful historical houses in Iran that is located in Sultan Amir Ahmad neighborhood, Isfahan province.The construction of this historical house was done in the Zandieh dynasty and has undergone changes and changes over the years. This beautiful house was built in the Zandieh period before the earthquake of 1778.

Parts of the building were destroyed by the earthquake. In Qajar dynasty, beside restoration of the destroyed parts, different sections were added to the building. It is said that the owner of this house was a man called Ebrahim Khan Kalantar. After that, Saham-ol Saltaneh received this building as a gift for supporting the governor of Kashan in the case of disposal of Agha khan's siege.

After his death, the main mansions and courtyards of the house passed to his eldest son Ibrahim Khalil Khan Ameri, and other parts of the house were inherited by other family members. After that, this house became known as the house of Ameri.

It can be said that the main reputation of the building belongs to the son of Saham Al-Saltanah, namely Ibrahim Khalil Khan Ameri, who expanded and prospered the house due to his power and wealth. But after many years, this beautiful collection fell into disrepair. Finally, in 1955, the cultural heritage officials, after purchasing the historic house of the Ameri in Kashan, began to renovate it. In 1960, the cultural heritage organization with the help of the private sector turned it into a residence and hotel. This complex is among the most beautiful hotels in Isfahan province.

The architecture of Ameri house in Kashan

The architecture of Ameri house in Kashan and the used decoration are very beautiful and eye catching. The area of this house is more than 7000 square meters and has 85 rooms and several courtyards in which the symmetrical rules have been considered. In general, the structure of this house is based on the architectural style of the garden pit and the central courtyard. The most attractive parts of this house are the royal residence, the crypt and the entrance porch. There are ponds in the courtyards of this house that were used to protect from the summer heat. In addition, there is a rectangular pool in the main courtyard of this large house, which cooled the space during the hot seasons. Impressive decorations of plastering, Mogharnas work, painting, porcelain knots and mirror work on the exterior walls and interior rooms of the historical house of the Ameri of Kashan have doubled the beauty of the building. Among the interesting features about this building, we can mention the wind catcher that is taller than other historical houses in Isfahan province. This windbreak has increased the glory of the house and added to its fame. Another unique feature of this building is the existence of a private bathroom for men and women. The bathroom, because of being private which means it was only used by the people in the house, has simpler style in terms of architecture compared to the other historical bathrooms. For visiting this interesting tourism attraction, you can join Persian trips tourism group.

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