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Niasar Fire Temple

Niasar Fire Temple:30  km from Kashan (Isfahan province) and in Niasar city, you will find a structure known as Niasar Fire Temple or Niasar Chahartaq. This ancient structure, which is more than 1800  years old, is considered one of the strongest remaining buildings of its kind.

We invite you to join us to learn more about Niasar Fire Temple.

What is the age of Niasar Fire Temple?

According to the type of materials used in the building, researchers and archaeologists believe that it was built in the Parthian period or the early Sassanid period. The historical reason for this opinion of historians is the revival of fire temples at the end of the Parthian period and the formalization of Zoroastrianism with the beginning of the Sassanid dynasty. by this way, Niasar fire temple is between 1800 and 2000 years old.

Tips you should know about this fire temple:

Although this building is considered a fire temple, but multi-purpose architecture is an important characteristic of Iranian architecture. The fire temple of Niasar, which, like most religious structures of the Sassanid period, is in the form of a dome with four arches and is open on all 4 sides, apart from the religious aspect, it is also considered a very accurate type of sundial.

The people of ancient Iran calculated the hours of the day by measuring the shadows of the Chahartaq (four-arched) columns due to the sunlight. It is interesting to know that even this building has another use; Due to the lighting of the fire in the pit of the four-sided center and the location of this building on the hill next to the commercial route to Kashan, it has been a sign and guide for travelers.

The long life of this structure is because of use using special plaster and mortar as well as the observance of exact geometric proportions in the columns.

Access route to Niasar Fire Temple:

You have to travel 30 kilometers from the western route from Kashan to Niasar. The fire temple is located on your way and on top of a hill near Eskandarieh spring and Niasar cave.

A building that tells you the exact time from the heart of history. Fire temple or clock? The only important thing is to see this unique structure.

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