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Isfahan Mesr desert

Isfahan Mesr desert is one of the unique attractions of Iran which is located in Kavir desert. Shifting sand covers the entire desert, hence it is also called the sandy desert of Mesr.

Among the facilities of Mesr desert of Isfahan, we can mention the old and renovated houses for tourist accommodation, motorcycling, camel riding in the desert and most importantly, the existence of large and green reeds at a distance of 5 km from the village and the existence of sand dunes around it. In addition, Mesr desert hosts many Iranian and foreign astronomers who choose the clear and dark skies of this space to set up their observatories, as well as many photographers who use the desert nature there for photography. All these factorsget together so that a large number of foreign and Iranian tourists visit this desert attraction of Isfahan province every year. Mesr is the name of a desert village located 45 km from the city of Jandagh and 60 km north of the city of Khor.

The village has a total population of about 120 people. There are various narrations about the naming of the village, but the most famous of them is taken from a person named Yousef who built a deep well to supply water to the village. In honor of this action, the name of the village was changed from Chah Daraz to Mesr, and this name was given to a nearby desert. Isfahan Mesr Desert is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Iran due to its uniqueness and breathtaking views. If you also want to feel the peace of walking on the shifting sand, the silence of the desert and the excitement of riding a camel and riding a motorcycle, join Persiantrips tours and create a memorable experience.

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