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Zizeh caravanserai

The Safavid era is considered a golden age in the history of Iranian culture and civilization, which can be seen in various social, political, economic, architectural, military, and other aspects.

One of the most obvious of these cases, which is a combination of all aspects, is the construction of 999 caravanserais across the country in order to facilitate the domestic and foreign trade process and also ensure the security of the roads. These caravanserais were maintained with huge government budgets and the Safavid government did its best to preserve them.The mentioned structures are divided into several categories from the point of view of architecture, the most special type of which is the circular caravansary, of which only 2 are left. One is Zein-o-din Caravanserai in Yazd and the other is Zizeh Caravanserai in Kashan.Stay with us in this article to learn more about Zizeh Caravanserai.

Where is Zizeh Caravanserai?

20 km from Kashan and towards Natanz (both in Isfahan province) there is a side road that leads to two small villages Totmach and Deh Zireh. In the middle of this road, you can see Zizeh circular caravanserai, which unfortunately is not in good condition.

Everything about Zizeh Caravanserai:

It seems that this caravanserai was built during the reign of Shah Abbas I by one of the courtiers who was from Natanz. The building has an area of about 1000 square meters, up to a height of one and a half meters, it is made of stone and the rest of it is made of bricks. Its overall architectural design is based on Iranian-Islamic architecture, but in imitation of the Sassanid era, they made the foundation of the structure circular.

In the northern part of the caravanserai, a one and a half meter trench has been dug outside the wall for protection. The stone walls and roofs are also blackened by the smoke of the fire. There are also remains of the rooms, stables and alcove that need to be taken care of. In the whole building, stones and bricks thrown together with a lot of garbage depict a very unpleasant scene.


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