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Kerman Province


Kerman province is located in the southeast of Iran; according to the Statistical Center of Iran, its population was 3,164,718 people in 2016. Although people speak Persian in the city of Kerman, a great variety of local dialects has been spoken in different cities of this province due to the migration of different groups such as Turks, Lors, and Baluchies to Kerman region throughout history.


Located in the southeast of Iran, Kerman covers more than 11% of the area of Iran with about 183,285 square kilometers. It is bordered by Yazd and South Khorasan provinces in the north, by Hormozgan province in the south, by Sistan and Baluchestan province in the east and by Fars province in the west.


The culture of Kerman province is a combination of Baluchi, Zoroastrian and Kermani cultures and each group has its own clothing. In the urban society of Kerman province, women wear chadors or manteu in public places; women do not have special clothing at home or at parties. Just the clothing of nomadic women, which unfortunately is disappearing today, is different in some places. “Jashn-e Sade” (celebration of one century) is one of the most important rituals in Kerman province, which is held by the Zoroastrians of this province. The celebration will be held exactly 50 days before Nowruz (the New Year), in which Zoroastrian priests in white clothes go around a huge mass of bushes and set them on fire after walking around the bushes several times. Happy songs are also played during the ceremony.

Handicraft and Food

Carpet is one of the most important handicrafts in Kerman province. In addition to embroidery, mat weaving, kilim weaving, cashmere weaving, Copper smithing and engraving are other handicrafts of Kerman province. Kerman, like other cities in Iran, has a variety of traditional foods with different flavors, some of which are prepared on special occasions and many are normally prepared throughout the year.

Tourist Attractions

Kerman has about 7,000 historical attractions, 700 of which are registered on the list of national monuments such as Ganj Ali Khan Complex, Shazdeh Garden, Kerman Grand Mosque, Bam citadel (Arg-e Bam), Kerman Historical Mosque, Meymand Rocky Village, Mozaffari Mosque, Malek Grand Mosque, Tomb of Shah Nematullah Voli, Shahdad, Kerman Zoroastrian Bazaar, Kerman Old City Fence, Rayen Citadel, Dokhtar Castle, Ardeshir Castle, Vakil Complex, Ebrahim Khan Complex, Aminian House, Ghaffari House, Pamanar mosque, and Jabalieh dome(related to the Sassanid period), etc.

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Kerman Fathabad garden

Kerman Fath abad garden is located 16 km north west of Kerman next to a village with the same name. By participating in Alborzeman tourism group, you can visit this beautiful complex and other historical attractions in Kerman.

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Decanius ancient city

Decanius ancient city is considered by scholars and archaeologists to be one of the earliest human civilizations. The ancient city of Decanius is located 30 km from Jiroft city and Kenar Sandal village, in Kerman province. This city, which is also called the land of Decanius, is 7,000 years old and has an area of 12 hectares.

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Jabaliyeh Dome

Jabaliyeh Dome

Jabalieh dome or Gabri dome which is located in Kerman is one of the sights of this city and is one of the most beautiful works of Iranian architectural art. Jabaliya dome, which is located on the western side of Saheb al-Zaman Square, dates back to the late Sassanid or early Islamic period.

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Shazde Garden

Shazde Garden

Shazdeh garden is one of the most beautiful Persian gardens. This garden is located about 4 km from Mahan city in Kerman province and in the foothills of Tigran mountains and belongs to the late Qajar dynasty. There are eastern and western complexes in this garden.

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