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South khorasan Province


Khorasan province was formed in 1983, with the approval of the Islamic Consultative Assembly. At present, this province has 11 counties, 28 cities, 25 districts, 61 villages and 3555 small villages. The cities of this province include Birjand, Ghayenat, Tabas, Ferdows, Nehbandan, Sarayan, Sarbisheh, Darmian, Boshrouyeh, Khusf and Zirkuh.


With an area of 150,800 square kilometers and climate variety, South Khorasan Province (the land of red gold) is located in the east of the country. Having Birjand as the center, this province shares border with Khorasan Razavi in the north, Afghanistan in the east (with a length of 331 km), Yazd, Isfahan and Semnan in the west, and Kerman and Sistan and Baluchestan in the South.


Geographical conditions, lifestyle and political, economic and religious conditions of the people affect the local clothing of each region. Traditional clothing is the most obvious cultural symbol, the most outstanding sign of national belief and the easiest means of transmitting the culture of South Khorasan. Among the various customs that can be seen in this province, we can mention Yalda night (the longest night of the year) ceremony, which is accompanied by various foods and fruit. One of the dishes prepared in Yalda night is "Kaf"; a type of sweet that is made from a plant root. Another ceremony on the night of Yalda, is giving gifts to the newlyweds by the groom's family.


Saffron is the most important souvenir of South Khorasan province, which is mostly cultivated in Qaen city. Barberry, plum and jujube are other souvenirs of this province. Pomegranate is the other souvenir mostly cultivated in Ferdows city. Barak weaving, wicker weaving, towel weaving and carpet weaving are among the famous handicrafts of this province. Tasting the local food of each region can be considered a must for any trip. Kashk Bademjoon is a very tasty eggplant spray with whey and meat. Oatmeal is another delicious food in this province. Various Eshkeneh are also prepared in South Khorasan province, among which we can mention the Eshkeneh of milk, lentils and candy (sweet). Turnip pottage is another local food of this province.

Tourist Attractions

Visiting the attractions of each land is undoubtedly one of the most memorable parts of the trip. South Khorasan is also a historical land,which has a lot to say with its historical and ancient sites. Forg historical castle in Birjand, Ferdows Baladeh aqueductPordeli Historical House in Birjand, Kal Jangal inscription in Khusf, Forutani historical house, Jame Mosque, Ibn Hesam Khusafi Tomb in Khusf,Tabas Golshan Garden, Birjand Band Darreh, Birjand Omarshah Dam, Ferdows Mineral Spa, Makhunik village, Chenesht Sarbisheh Village, Kharashad Village, Ghaen Khonik Cave, Shokatabad Garden , Birjand Shokatiyeh School,Ferdows Religious School,Birjand Pergola Citadel, Birjand Akbariyeh Mansion Garden, Birjand Heroic Heritage Museum, Bouzar Jamhar Ghaeni Tomb in Ghaen, Shokat-Abad Garden, Mostofi Historical House in Boshrouyeh, Boshrouyeh Mills, Nehbandan Windmills,and Karimo village in Sarayan are the most spectacular tourist destinations in South Khorasan.

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Nehbandan Ancient Windmills

The windmills of Nahbandan are located in the village of Khansharaf near the city of Nehbandan in South Khorasan province. The southern provinces of Sistan and Khorasan have 120-day winds in Sistan; their origin, known locally as Baadkuh (wind-mountains), is the snow-capped peaks of Mount Baba in Hindu Kush.

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Nehbandan Miniature Mountains

Iran is the country of wonders; if you plan to see Mars on Earth, the Miniature Mountains of Nehbandan in South Khorasan province will be your best choice. These mountains, which are also known as the Martian Mountains, look like the sharp teeth of a comb or a Sugarloaf from a distance.

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Morteza Ali spring

Morteza Ali (AS) hot spring is one of the natural tourist attractions in Tabas desert city in South Khorasan province. This spring is located in the tourist route of Khro village and at a distance of 27 km from Tabas city.

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Pordeli Historical House in Birjand

 Pordeli Historical House in Birjand

Birjand Pordeli House is one of the historical attractions of Birjand city in South Khorasan province. This Qajar house was registered in 1997 with the number 1882 as one of the national monuments of Iran. Pordeli House is a central courtyard with two rooms around it and is a clear example of introverted architectural style.

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