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Kurdistan Province

The results of scientific archaeological excavations in ancient sites indicate that Kurdistan has been considered as one of the early human settlements since prehistoric times due to its favorable climatic and environmental conditions. Kurdish dance is the first feature that reminds us of Kurdistan province, with most of the Kurdish ceremonies associated with this dance. Kurdish men and women's clothing includes footwear and clothing to cover the whole body and head. The use of these pieces of clothing varies depending on the season, type of work, and ceremonies. Although the clothing of different regions of Kurdistan such as Oraman, Saqez, Baneh, Grossa, Sanandaj, Marivan, etc. are different, they are all the same in terms of covering the whole body. Men's Kurdish clothing includes Chokheh, Pantol, Maleki, Lafkeh Sourani, Shawl, Dastar. Women's Kurdish clothing includes Jafi, Klanjeh, Shawl, and Kalkeh,etc.


With an area of 29,000 square kilometers, Kurdistan is ranked 18th among the provinces. Kurdistan shares borders with west Azerbaijan and Zanjan in the north, Kermanshah in the south, Hamedan and Zanjan in the east and Iraq in the west. The province has 10 cities, 29 counties, 31 districts, 1697 inhabited villages and 187 uninhabited villages. Baneh, Bijar, Saqez, Sanandaj, Divandere, Kamyaran, Qorveh, Marivan, Sarvabad and Dehgolan are the most important cities of the province.


Many ceremonies were performed in Kurdistan in the past; Mir Noroozi, Mirmirin or Amir Bahadori are some of the traditions that are almost forgotten today. Samanoo pazan (cooking a sweet pudding made of wheat sprouts and rosewater prepared by women for Nowruz) ceremonies are still performed in some villages. The ceremony of Pir Shaliar, which is a thousand-year-old ceremony, is performed every year; on the last Wednesday before Bahman 5th (February 6th), Pir Shaliar's wedding anniversary is celebrated in Oraman Takht. In this ceremony, cows and sheep are sacrificed, traditional music is played and foods are distributed. It is said that after healing king of Bukhara’s daughter who was deaf and dumb, Pir Shaliar managed to marry her; his tomb is located in a city with the same name.

Handicrafts and Food

Handmade carpets from Bijar, Bukan, Sanandaj and Afshar are among the most important handicrafts in Kurdistan; Saneh kilim, woodworking, quilting, making musical instruments are other handicrafts in the province. Regarding the local dishes of Kurdistan, it should be said special types of soups and stews are some of the delicious local dishes prepared in different cities of the province.

Tourist Attractions

In Kurdistan, about one thousand two hundred ancient objects have been identified, about five hundred of which have been registered on the list of national works. Abidar Forest Park, Oraman region, Zarivar Lake, Chehel Cheshmeh, Sarab Qorveh and Abshar kuileh, Nogol historical Quran, Zivieh Saqez ancient hill, Khosrow Abad mansion, Moshir Divan Mansion, Amjad Al-Ashraf Mansion , Salar Saeed Mansion (Sanandaj Museum), Asef Vaziri Mansion (Kurdish House), Saqez Glass Bath, Saqez Historical Bazaar, Saqez Two Minarets Mosque, Khan Bath, Vakil Al-Molk Bath, Qaslan Bathhouse, Sanandaj Bazaar, Hassan Abad Castle, Qomchaqa Castle, Gheshlagh Bridge, Ashqoon Baba Tower, Uch Gonbad Khan Tower, Yangi Arkh Tower, etc. are among the tourist attractions of this province.

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Zarivar lake

Zarivar lake is the most important wetland and the most unique water attraction in the west of the country, which is located a short distance from the city of Marivan and at an altitude of 1285 meters above sea level.

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Kurdestan Karaftu cave

Karaftu Cave is one of the rock architectural works of Iran, which is located in Divandarreh city in Kurdistan province. Kurdistan Cave is one of the most attractive monuments of the ancient Iranians, parts of which have been created by hand.

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