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Lorestan Province


Lorestan has a very good position in terms of recreational places and many natural and historical sights due to its long history, its location in Zagros Mountains and the existence of abundant water resources.


Lorestan province with an area of about 28157 square kilometers (1.7% of the country's area) is located in the southwestern region of Iran. This province with Khorramabad as the capital shares border with six provinces including Hamedan, Markazi, Isfahan, Khuzestan, Ilam and Kermanshah. There are 9 cities, 23 counties, 26 districts and 83 villages. The cities of the province are Khorramabad, Boroujerd, Aligudarz, Doroud, Azna, Kuhdasht, Delfan, Selseleh and Poldokhtar.

Customs and Food

Apart from beautiful local music and dance, house cleaning (Gardileh) had its own customs in this province. In the past, people used to clean the house the first day of Esfand. Literate people congratulated the coming of Nowruz by reciting poems on horses in villages and cities. Alfa and Barat, Muharram and Yalda night rituals are other ancient customs of this province. Lorestan is famous for its kebabs. Due to the existence of many cattle in this region, meat has been the main food of its inhabitants. The best kebab is said to be found in Boroujerd, Khorramabad and Doroud. Tarkhineh pottage, Raghoo, a kind of oily bread, are popular too.


Lorestan handicrafts are divided into three groups: nomadic, rural and urban. In the meantime, nomadic products are more consumed by the family and less exported. Nomadic handicrafts include carpets, kilims, black tents, dyeing, felt-making, and engraving are some of the rural handicrafts.

Tourist Attractions

Falak-ol-Aflak Citadel, Shevi Waterfall, Gavmishan Bridge, Gerit or Sarkaneh Waterfall, Nojian Waterfall, Gohar Lake, Gerdab-e Sangi, Khorramabad Minaret, Sarab Hill, Shahpour Bridge, Khorramabad Bridge, Kashkan Bridge, Ghomri Cave, Yafteh Cave, Kanji Cave, Arjaneh Cave, Boroujerd Grand Mosque, Boroujerd Soltani Mosque, Petroglyphs of Mirmalas Cave are some important tourist attractions.

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Nojian Waterfall

Deep in the oak forests and between two high mountains of Lorestan province, there is a waterfall that offers the experience of a wildlife tour for the visitors.

Nojian waterfall, which in Kurdish means a place full of lentils, has a special freshness, cool water and an ecosystem with extraordinary medicinal plants. In addition, Nojian Waterfall is the highest of its kind in Lorestan with a height of 97 meters.

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Bisheh Waterfall

Bisheh Waterfall

Bisheh waterfall is one of the waterfalls of Khorramabad city, in Bisheh village. Bisheh Waterfall is the forty-eighth national monument that was included in the list of natural heritage of Iran by the Cultural Heritage Organization on March 18, 2009.

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