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Kūh-e Namak of Qom

Kūh-e Namak of Qom:Everyone knows the city of Qom because of its religious tourism attractions. But 20 kilometers west of Qom, you can see a natural phenomenon that is considered the most special of its kind in the world. The salt dome of Qom, which is also known as Kūh-e Namak (Salt Mountain), has formed a group of mountains 3  kilometers long and in the shape of a circle with a lifespan of more than 100  million years, which surprises the visitors.

Let's go and visit Qom desert.

How is the Qom salt dome formed?

Geologists believe that for the formation of such a large salt mountain, where the percentage of salt concentration is very high, several geological processes must occur during at least 70  million years. With high evaporation in hot seasons and the remaining thick salt sediments as well as the pressures of the lower layers of the earth, during tens of millions of years, such salt mountains are formed, and the Qom Kūh-e Namak is no exception to this rule. This unique natural phenomenon, unfortunately, has been eroded in the last millennium and has broken and cracked in some parts.

Natural and special features of Qom Salt dome:

The most obvious feature of that phenomenon, which makes it special in the world, is its symmetrical circle shape. This circle has a clear but very salty lake in its center.

It may not be unbelievable, but as the water surface of the lake evaporates, a half-meter wall of salt remains on the surface of the lake. You can see one of its most interesting features, the presence of salt deposits with a diameter of more than 18  meters and colors such as white, pink, brown, red, purple, etc. Most of the available stones are based on lime and gypsum.

How to get to Kūh-e Namak?

To reach Salt Mountain, you have to go from Qom to Jafarieh city and 8  kilometers before Jafarieh, move towards Kūh-e Namak Road. After going through the winding and exciting route, you will reach the top of the salt mountain and watch a Martian scene.

The salt dome of Qom is special. To the depth of history and to the beauty of nature!!!

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