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Mollasadra historical house

In the central deserts of Iran, in Qom province, there is a traditional house that is the residence of a world-renowned scientist who lived far away from his birthplace.

This pious philosopher is none other than Molla Sadra Shirazi, who was exiled from Isfahan (the capital of the Safavids) after a dispute and quarrel with the scholars and went to Qom and settled there. His house in Kahak has been registered in the list of national monuments of Iran and is considered one of the special attractions of Iran.

Let's visit the residence of this particular philosopher.

What has history done to Molla Sadra's house?

The building was built during the Safavid era and is related to the end of the reign of Shah Abbas I and the beginning of Shah Safi I. Molla Sadra lived in this place for 15 years. After him, the house was used by the heirs and changed hands several times. This house is always known by the name of Mollah Sadra among the local people. Finally, this structure was forever recorded as the house of one of the world's greatest philosophers.

This building is built with clay and mud and has a very simple and beautiful view that pleases the heart. The inside of the house is made up of different parts, such as the chapel, the cistern, the courtyard, the corridor, etc.This interior space is whitewashed with plaster and simple but flawless plasterings have given an attractive effect to the environment. Interestingly, the dome roof of the house is covered with numerous small round glasses in the inner layer to prevent direct sunlight and excessive heat from the house in addition to providing light. The middle of the house leads to the altar through four corridors, which is located under the main dome.

How to go to Molla Sadra's house?

You have to go from Qom city to Kahak city and then reach Chal Hamam neighborhood. Molla Sadra's house with its special architecture can be easily seen among the surrounding trees.

A house with the color of philosophy and the freshness of the desert. God bless Mulla Sadra!!!



What are the characteristics of Molla Sadra's house?

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