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Time Museum of Tehran

In the history of Iran, the Qajar and Pahlavi periods are known as the era of the arrival of the new European civilization in this country. This entry includes imitating the external aspects of this civilization such as: new organizations, type of clothing, architecture of buildings, etc.

What will be introduced in this article is a mansion related to the Pahlavi period, which is considered an important attempt to combine traditional Iranian architecture and modern European architecture. A house that is considered one of the most beautiful, different and lasting structures in the modern city of Tehran. Today, this house is known as Time Museum of Tehran, which narrates the history of chronology with clocks.Let's go to the northern areas of Tehran to observe the passage of time in hours.

History of Time Museum:

At the end of the Qajar period and the beginning of the Pahlavi period, the building market was very hot for the nobles and the rich. Everyone tried to build the most luxurious house for their stay in the best urban areas. In the meantime, Hossein Khodadad, the owner of Iran's largest spinning and weaving factory and also one of the richest businessmen, planned one of the most ambitious building projects. Of course, the foundation of the house belongs to Qajar, and Khodadad bought the house from the previous owner. Because it was located in the good weather area of Tehran. A very luxurious and beautiful house that had the best plastering among all the houses in Tehran until decades later. The plastering of the building was so professional and specialized that it took 12  years to finish the work.Hossein Khodadad, who has a history of restoring some religious places in Iran, was the owner of the house before the Islamic Revolution. But after escaping, his house became Time Museum of Tehran and was registered in Iran National Heritage List. Today, this museum is open to the public.

What do you know about the amazing architecture of  Time Museum?

Visiting this museum is like entering a multi-dimensional cinema and getting so excited that your heart beats faster. Because this mansion is enclosed in a half-hectare garden full of flowers and trees, the view of which is very fantasy and more like a wonderland. Time Museum has an area of 700 square meters and has two floors with an arched shape. The exterior is full of unique plastering in the upper parts and next to the windows. Everything becomes more attractive when you see the reflection of the exterior in the pool facing the mansion.But aside from the exterior, the inside of the mansion will amaze you. Colorful walls, beautiful paintings, classic and antique furniture, luxurious and eye-catching decorations, all are only part of the attractions of Time Museum. The artists who have been responsible for designing the interior have used all the features of Iranian architecture to make the building authentic.

But what items does the Time of contain?

The facade of the new building is a preliminary stage for tourists to enjoy. In the next step, you will see all kinds of clocks and other time-measuring device from all countries of the world and from all models. From sundials, sand clocks, pendulum clocks, wall clocks, etc. to Chinese, Armenian, European and many other countries. It also includes the age of them from ancient times to now. Of course, it should be said that all the parts of all types of clocks are displayed separately with full descriptions.


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