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Toghrol Tower

Toghrol tower in Rey city is considered as one of the spectacular attractions of Tehran. Toghrol tower is located in the east of the historical tomb of Ibn Babawayeh or Sheikh Sadough in Rey city.

This building has unique features related to the Seljuk period. This historical monument was registered in 1932 with the number 147 in the list of national monuments.Toghrol tower with an area of 48 square meters and a height of about 20 meters and with a clay and brick skeleton in the form of raised cylinders, shows that the interior is cylindrical. This tower is built in the style of Razi. The current height of this tower, including this dome, is about 20 meters. The wall thickness of the tower is from 1.75 meters to 2.75 meters and its inner and outer diameters are 11 and 16 meters, respectively.In some texts, this place is called Khalifa Yazid tower. The height of the tower is about 20 meters (excluding the conical dome, of which there is no trace today). According to some experts, this tower is similar to the hands of a clock and can be recognized by the sun on the jag of that time.

Features of Toghrol

One of the unique features of Tehran Toghrol tower is that it is used sundial clock. What is reliable at this time is that there are cracks for the minute marker. Semicircles represent a quarter of an hour.As the sun rises on the east side of the building, at least one of the jags lights up and the sun shines into it. Half an hour after sunrise, half of the jags is lit, and after an hour of sunrise, a jag is fully lit and shows a remarkable beauty.The jags that exist at this hour will become brighter and brighter with each passing hour. After three hours, we see the moment when the sun is on the meridian of the region and at its highest altitude from the horizon.

At this point, the sun is just above the south door of the tower, because the gates of the tower are completely north-south and on the meridian. As the sun moves westward, the jags at the west begin to light up.At sunset, the clock works with moonlight, which is detected at night by astronomy. Also, this clock does not work when the weather is cloudy and the sun is behind the clouds or at night in the absence of moonlight.Another very interesting feature of the Toghrol tower is the reflection of sound in its interior space. This point is as if several speakers have been installed in this area.This feature of the tower is due to the square empty spaces that exist around the wall inside the tower. These voids echo and return sound, ventilate and prevent tower rot.Restoration of Toghrol Tower in TehranToghrol Tower was first renovated in 1301 AH at the end of the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah.

The restoration of Toghrol tower was done by the Prime Minister Amin Sultan and Abolhassan Memar Bashi. Using this restoration, a marble slab was installed on the entrance of the building.The restoration of this monument has been done in a way that has saved it from the danger of destruction.After the Revolution of 1978, this building was abandoned for many years until it was rebuilt again in the early seventies, and it started in earnest in the middle of 1998 and ended in the winter of 2000.Reconstruction is currently underway by District 20 of Tehran Municipality in an area of 2 hectares in order to expand and build a cultural center, library, museum and restaurant. Toghrol Tower of Tehran province is one of the spectacular attractions of Tehran that you will not regret visiting.

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