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Firooz Bahram High School

Iran is one of the countries where followers of different religions live together and have a peaceful coexistence. One of these religions is Zoroastrianism, which is considered the ancient religion of this country.

But after the arrival of Islam in Iran, their number decreased. However, as a nationalist minority, they tried as hard as Muslims for the all-round growth and development of Iran and left many effects. One of them is Firooz Bahram High School (for Zoroastrians) located in the center of Tehran, which was built about 9 decades ago and is considered one of the oldest active educational centers in the capital of Iran.

Let's go and take a deeper look at high school.

When, how and by whom was Firooz Bahram High School built?

During the Persian Constitutional Revolution, many Zoroastrian activists were present. One of them was Keikhosrow Shahrokh (Zoroastrians' representative in the National Consultative Assembly).

This person, who was very interested in science and knowledge, built this high school in Tehran in 1932 AD (reza Shah Pahlavi period) with the help of merchants and the support of Parsis (Iranian Zoroastrians in india). Famous scientific figures have graduated from it. This structure has maintained its activity until today and was registered in the Iran National Heritage List after the Islamic revolution in 2017.

Architectural features of Firooz Bahram High School:

Regarding the construction time of the high school, the architectural characteristics of the late Qajar and early Pahlavi period, which is a combination of modern western architecture and traditional elements of Iranian architecture, are fully evident in it. Buildings such as the National Bank and the Library of the Parliament have similar architecture to this high school. The materials used are brick, plaster and cement. Symmetry and delicate plastering can be seen in the entire building, even in the interior and exterior decorations. In addition, all the windows are made in the form of an arch, and between each pair of windows, a depression like an altar has been made, which doubles the beauty of the building.

Iran has always been the cradle of coexistence of different ideas and the growth of knowledge, and Firouz Bahram High School is one of its signs!!!



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