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Meybod Ice House

Meybod Ice House:Water is a very vital and important substance in Iran; Especially in desert areas. But the Iranians, who were able to supply and manage the water they needed by building an Ice House, built a structure called a ice house to have ice in hot weather.

Meybod adobe Ice House in Yazd province is the largest adobe Ice House in the world, which was built during the brilliant architecture of the Safavid era.

Now let's get to know a little more about this unique building.

When and why was the Meybod adobe Ice House?

The type of architecture and materials used in its construction confirm the possibility that it was built in the Safavid era. At that time, ice was considered a very expensive and luxury product for desert dwellers. The necessity of keeping food cold, drinking cold water in hot weather and making cold food items (such as ice cream) and the existence of underground water sources “Qanat” (aqueduct) caused Iranians to create a structure called a ice house that turns cold water into ice.

The architecture and operation of the Meybod adobe Ice House:

Ice house have different shapes, but they all have shading walls and a conical roof. Meybod adobe Ice House is no exception to this rule.

Inside this building, there are ponds where aqueduct water collects and freezes in winter. Then, the person in charge of the ice house stores the ice in a place that is completely away from sunlight but in the way of air conditioning.

With the arrival of the warm months of the year, the stored ice is sold to people for use. The cost of maintaining the ice house has been very high; So only the rich could afford it.

In the construction of the building, care was always taken to select the materials in such a way that the cold air stays in the interior of the ice house. For this reason, the ice house is made of clay to regulate humidity and prevent heat from penetrating inside.

Ice in the burning desert????!!!! Iranians can do anything. Meybod Ice House will surprise you!!!

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