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Jame Mosque of Abarkuh

Architecture is one of the important pillars of building mosques in Iran and the Islamic world. By building beautiful mosques, Muslims not only showed their individual ability, but also tried to show the greatness and glory of Islam to the world

. For this reason, the diversity of architecture among the mosques of the Islamic world, from Spain to Indonesia, is very high. Iran has its own special style in building mosques due to its high background and experience in architecture. In the era of different Islamic dynasties in Iran, each of them left their impact on these mosques, and in this article we will mention one of the most special ones. Jame Mosque of Abarkuh in the desert province of Yazd shines like a gem under the sunlight.

Where is Abarkuh?

Abarkooh city is located on the border of Isfahan and Yazd provinces. Most of the people of the world know this city by Cypress of Abarkuh, but in the center of this city, Abarkuh Jame Mosque forms another part of the tourist attraction. To reach Abarkuh, you have to go 160km southwest from Yazd.

Everything about the history of this mosque:

Written evidence identifies Ilkhanids as the builder of this mosque, but the foundation of the mosque and the age of the city of Abarkuh (2000 years) and its proximity to the Zoroastrian center raise the The possibility of this structure being a fire temple. In addition, some features of Seljuk architecture can be seen in it.Regardless of the time of its construction, it is important that Sultan Abu Sa'id Bahadur Khan (Ilkhanate ruler) completely renovated this mosque, and during the Timurid and Safavid eras, Iranian artists made eye-catching decorations on it. Today, Abarkuh Jame Mosque is registered in the national heritages of Iran.

What do you know about the features of the mosque architecture?

The surprises start from the very beginning. To enter the interior you have to pass through a large octagonal atrium that is so beautiful that you don't want to leave it. The mosque has four porches and a crypt with an area of 100 square meters has been built between them. This mosque has two altars; The cause of this problem was a mistake in calculating the Qibla direction and then correcting it. The stucco used in various parts of the building, which is made of different geometric motifs, is considered one of the best examples in the Islamic world. But the most interesting and eye-catching part of the mosque is the highly decorated marble altars that will immerse you in Islamic art.Jame Mosque of Abarkuh is a collection of the most spectacular Islamic architectural arts!!!


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