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Farafar Gate

Mystery is an attractive and popular pastime for all people. Because it engages our mind and creates excitement to solve it. Now, if we can visit one of the biggest mysteries of the architectural history of this country in a unique trip to the central desert of Iran

, we will have an extraordinary experience for ourselves. This unsolved mystery that has occupied historians and archaeologists minds, is the Farafar Gate located in the village of Sar Yazd in Yazd province.Now it is our turn to solve this mystery for ourselves.

What does Farafar mean?

Farafar is one of the old names of the city of Yazd, which means the upper fortress. Because Yazd was on the Silk Road and was considered one of the oldest cities in Iran to fight against the deserters of Central Asia. In addition to that, Sar Yazd Fortress was also the oldest trust fund in the world during the Sassanid period, and it is possible that Farafar Gate was the entrance to it.

The mysterious history of Farafar Gate:

But what do we know about the construction time and the architect? Almost nothing. There are so many different stories and secrets about this structure that everyone has given an opinion about it. Some consider it to belong to the ancient era, and some consider it to be a building related to the Seljuk or Ilkhanid period. Some people believe that this building is the remains of a monastery, while others believe that Farafar Gate is part of a fence.

GBut what is the reality? It is not possible to state the matter with certainty. But what is certain is that this gate was not built before the Sassanids and after the Ilkhanids, and its architecture looks very similar to the gates of the cities of the Sassanid era, and it was probably a part of a large fence to protect the Sar Yazd fortress, which dates back to the Sassanid era.

Farafar Gate architecture:

This building is a vaulted structure and is made of bricks and mud. Its height is about 7 meters and it is 6 meters wide. According to its remains, signs of a decorated arch can be seen in its right part. Unfortunately, a large part of it has been destroyed and does not provide us with more information.



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