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The Shrine of the Twelve Imams

Most of the people of the world know the Dome of Soltaniyeh of Iran as a famous and special building. But this building is not the only unique brick dome in Iran;

Among the sands of the central desert of Iran and the warm air of the desert and the center of Yazd, there is a building that is unique in its kind and shows the greatness of Iranian architecture and art to the world. The name of this amazing structure is the The Shrine of the Twelve Imams in the center of Yazd city.Let's go and take a look at it.

The history of the Shrine of the Twelve Imams:

Shrine of the Twelve Imams is one of the buildings whose construction time is completely clear, and in this sense, it is considered the oldest building with construction certificate in Yazd (about 1000 years). According to the inscription in it, the shrine was built in 429  AH (1037AD) by the rulers of Yazd during the Seljuk era. Most likely, this tomb was a mosque and then the burial place of one of the elders of the city. This structure has maintained its importance until today and has been restored many times. Shrine of the Twelve Imams was registered in the list of national heritages of Iran in 1933  and is considered one of the most important tourist destinations of the historical city of Yazd.

What do you know about the architecture of this shrine?

The architecture of the shrine of the Twelve Imams is very attractive; A 4-sided building that has been turned into an 8-sided one in the upper part and the dome is placed on it. The entire structure is made of bricks and the interior is decorated with fine plasterwork. In the upper corners of the building and under the dome, there are openings through which sunlight and fresh air enter the inner part. Quranic verses can be seen in Kufic script on the inner walls. In addition, there are artistic tilings on the altar that will dazzle your eyes.

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