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Alexander's Prison

In this article, we are going to introduce you to a historical structure that contains a very strange legend. A strong building that is considered an ornament of Fahaadaan (historical part of Yazd).

This place is still known by two names: 1- Alexander's Prison 2- Ziyaiyeh School. This unique gem shines like a unique diamond in the city of sunshine and heat. But what is the secret of this building?

History of the building:

The current building of Ziyaiyeh School was built in the middle of the 7th century by one of the elders of Yazd named Ziya-ol-Din (that's why it is called Ziyaiyeh) and has a different architecture from the original Iranian-Islamic architecture. It was also used as a school and was used for teaching different subjects. But among ancient Greek and Iranian books, we come across a place called Alexander's prison, which was built by Alexander to imprison his opponents when he invaded Iran. According to this information, this building must be somewhere in Yazd. Various historians and researchers have discussed about the actual location of this prison. But some of them believe that according to the coordinates, the prison should be in Fahaadaan neighborhood, and the only building that resembles a prison and does not have authentic Iranian-Islamic architecture is Ziyaiyeh School. After that, this school was also called Alexander's Prison.

Alexander's Prison architecture:

Ziyaiyeh school is built with Azeri architecture; A style attributed to Azerbaijan that flourished during the rule of Ilkhans. After passing through the short entrance door, the first part is a dome with sides of 9 meters and a height of 18 meters, and a simple two-story altar with a simple muqarnas design and some motif in the middle of the houses has given it a special beauty. The courtyard of this school is rectangular and has 3 long porches on the south, north and west sides. It is said that the porch on the eastern side has been lost over time. It is interesting to know that in this building, no tiling decorations can be seen and the only remains are raw clay. There is a 5-meter footing in the middle of the yard, which you can see by going down 40 steps. Of course, today a coffee shop and a store have been built in this area.

`Ziayiyeh School or Alexander's Prison? It doesn't matter what its name is, the important thing is that you will experience an indescribable pleasure when you see this building!!!

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