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Zanjan Stone Caravanserai

The Safavid era in Iran is known as the era of caravanserais. Many legends are told about the number of caravanserais built during the era of different Safavid kings

. Regardless of what the truth is, one of the most beautiful and special Caravanserai is located on the way from Zanjan to the city of Miyaneh, and in a way covers the route of two Safavid capitals (Qazvin and Tabriz), is Zanjan Stone Caravanserai. A structure as beautiful as the brilliant architecture of the Safavid era.It's time to explore and search in the stone walls.

What is the history of Stone Caravanserai?

It is difficult to determine the exact time of construction of this building, but according to other historical evidence and reports, the caravanserais on the west and center of Iran were built during the time of Shah Abbas I (Safavid). So this caravanserai should not be an exception to this rule. In addition, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier, a famous French traveler, has directly mentioned this caravanserai in his book. According to Taverniye's report, we are sure that this caravanserai was residential until the end of the Safavid period.

After the fall of the Safavid dynasty and insecurity throughout Iran, which led to a decrease in traffic in the country, the caravanserai also gradually fell into disrepair. After the Iranian Islamic Revolution, the restaurant was bought by an investor and today it has become a very beautiful traditional restaurant that welcomes tourists.Zanjan Stone Caravanserai is the only caravanserai in Zanjan province and for this reason it was registered as one of Iran National Heritage in 1998

The Building architecture:

The entire caravanserai is made of stone and the Safavid style of architecture (use of arched domes, four porches, etc.) is fully visible in it. Of course, the renovations that have taken place do not allow studying the original texture of the building, but the original form of the caravanserai has been preserved, which will bring double the pleasure of the visitors.A stone building in the green plains of Zanjan. Spring and Stone Caravanserai are waiting for you!!!

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