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cottage number one

These wooden cottages with beautiful terraces with lush landscapes provide a memorable stay for you.


Room facilities: Each cottage has a 24-meter hall and a 12-meter terrace. The cottages do not have a bedroom and there are 2 double beds in the hall. Each cottage has a separate barbecue, TV, refrigerator and sink. The cottages have a split heating and cooling system. Traditional bedding is available for each person in each cottage. Each cottage has its own sitting and squat toilets and bathrooms

Room size: 40m

Bed size: 2 double

Taxes: There is no service fee in this residence.

Prepayment: Accommodation fee must be paid up to 72 hours before arrival at the residence.

Few Clouds



Few Clouds
Humidity: 23%
Wind: SSW at 2.06 M/S

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