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The residence of Hamedan Dolatsara, which is a historical house with beautiful brick and thatch architecture, has 2 floors and has 4 living rooms that can accommodate a total of 35 domestic and foreign tourists. The rooms of this residence with a traditional layout and beautiful views have doubled the enjoyment of the stay for travelers. Among the accommodation facilities of Hamedan Dolatsara residences are heating and cooling system, local guide, uncovered parking and kitchen for preparing food by the passengers themselves. Therefore, travelers should keep in mind that by prior order and coordination with the staff of the accommodation, it is possible to prepare meals locally for travelers. Residences in Hamedan province, like other residences in Iran, try to introduce their culture, customs, clothes, local food, etc. to tourists. Accommodation rooms do not have a private toilet and bathroom where travelers can use the shared services inside the accommodation. The ground floor of the residence has a traditional dining room and oven with a cozy and quiet environment, which is a good place for travelers to eat and dine. Among the attractions around the residence of Hamedan Dolatsara, we can mention Laleh Jin, the tomb of Avicenna, the Mausoleum of Baba Taher, Ganjnameh, Natural History Museum and Ali Sadr Cave. This residence is geographically located in a mountainous area with a cool and pleasant climate. Travelers can book Hamadan Dolatsara residence every day through Persiantrips Tourism group.

  • Parking
  • Green Space
  • western toilet in the Lobby
  • Sitting Toilet in the Lobby
  • 24 Hour Receotion
  • Barbecue
  • Local Car
  • Local Leader
  • Half day tour
  • Teahouse
  • Central Kitchen
  • Traditional bed
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Traditional room

This residence, with its special architecture and the traditional layout of its living rooms, gives its guests the pleasure of staying in an old house with completely pristine views and a view of Alvand Mountain.

Room size: 20m

Bed size: sleeping on the floor

Max guests: 6

  • Window
  • Balcony
  • Bedding accessories
  • Heating System
  • TV
  • Hygienic items
  • Korsi
  • Carpet
  • Rug
  • clothes hanger


The accommodation has one floor and the accommodation includes breakfast. The rooms do not have exclusive bathroom and toilet. squat and western toilets and bathrooms are shared in the courtyard of the residence. All rooms have separate entrances and windows. The residence has a traditional kitchen and can be used by travelers. It should be noted that with the prior coordination of the accommodation staff, it is possible to prepare meals for travelers. The accommodation rooms do not have beds and traditional bedding is provided to all travelers. The residence has uncovered parking. The courtyard of the residence is a good place for friendly gathering at night. It should be noted that on the ground floor of the residence there is a traditional oven and dining room for eating. All the way to the residence is paved. The residence has a heating system and a cooling system. The first floor has a large terrace that can be used for all rooms. The residence also has a bird garden and a dining hall.
this residence does not have internet connection.
the residence has an uncovered parking lot with the capacity of 8 cars.
Among the attractions around the residence of Hamedan Dolatsarsa residence, we can mention the tomb of Avicenna, the Mausoleum of Baba Taher, Ganjnameh, the Natural History Museum and Ali Sadr Cave.
Due to the fact that Iran is not connected to the global currency system, credit cards will not be accepted.


Cancellation / Prepayment
Accommodation fee must be paid up to 72 hours before arrival at the accommodation. The cancellation fee is 50% up to 72 hours before arrival. The cancellation penalty is 100% up to 24 hours before arrival.
Children and extra beds
Accommodation fee for children under 5 years old is free. The accommodation doesn't have bed and can't accommodate extra people.
Bringing pets are forbidden in this residence.
Accepted credit cards
smoking is forbidden in this residence.
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Few Clouds
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Wind: W at 4.12 M/S

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