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Basic packages offer travelers rudimentary services in order to be more affordable to travelers. This service level includes basic amenities in terms of accommodation and transportation. Travelers can use the economy class when traveling by a plane with some stopovers on the way to the destination; in addition, they are not usually offered ground transportation and often need to use public transportation. Accommodation can be just in the form of a single room and may not include bathing facilities.


Standard packages offer travelers more convenience compared to basic packages. When traveling by air, travelers experience more direct flights and more comfort, and this service includes basic transportations like rental cars. When it comes to lodging, travelers are offered private rooms, which include beds, private bathing and cooking facilities.



Luxury packages include tailor-made services so that travelers can experience the highest available service. The transportation offered to travelers include first-class flights and private transportation. In terms of accommodation, travelers enjoy suites with multiple rooms and catered meals. Moreover, this service level includes amenities like massages and sports training activities like scuba diving, bungee jumping, or horseback riding.

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