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If you have planned to travel to Iran and you are looking for a great experience, finding a suitable accommodation should be one of your priorities. Considering our years of experience in this field, Persian Trips Tourism Company is one of the most reliable sites to book hotels and accommodations, and offers you multiple choices in this case. To make a conscious decision, we will offer you data regarding the accommodation conditions, location, nearby attractions, cost and pictures. Before making online reservation, Persian Trips will monitor the process, and then you can make the online reservation. In case of any service problem at any time, that accommodation's online reservation will be cancelled in order to offer you the best quality possible.

We have different kinds of accommodations in Iran:



As the most common and best-known accommodations, hotels offer rooms and accommodating services to guests. Hotels are usually located in urban areas; they are more expensive than other kinds of accommodation and include transportation. Hotels are ranked from one to five stars, according to their location, area, and service level. Depending on their rank, hotels usually offer rooms with various amenities including room service, restaurant, mini bar, internet, gym and pool.

Traditional Hotel

Traditional hotels are often renovated historical houses, which have started their work with new decoration and traditional furniture. With their artistic decoration and architecture, these hotels' traditional touch indicate their regional culture, history and customs, so they are regarded as tourist attractions in addition to the accommodating services they offer. These hotels usually have high quality services and amenities such as bathroom, bed, refrigerator, TV and other common facilities, and their restaurants usually serve both the common dishes and local ones. Moreover, they can accommodate fewer guests and their accommodation fee is usually similar to three or four-star hotels.




As prevalent accommodations, ecolodges are usually located in rural, urban or scenic regions near urban areas. These small accommodations, which are built with local construction materials and have fewer than 30 rooms, try to have the most coordination possible with the surrounding local environment. They are under the supervision of Cultural Heritage, Handicarfts and Tourism Ministry, so they offer guests a safe stay. As both accommodation places and tourist attractions, ecolodges offer guests good opportunities to get familiar with local people's culture, and their amenities vary according to their location and condition. For instance, they can have either separate or shared rooms; some have modern heating and cooling system while others have traditional ones like korsi (traditional furniture), wind catcher, small pool , wood-burning stove and etc.

Bathrooms are usually shared ones outside the rooms, and guests sleep either on floors or on beds.

Guests can enjoy the local food of the region.

Rural houses

These accommodations in fact belong to farmers or villagers who rent their houses to travelers in rural or suburban areas. Guests often sleep on mattresses on the floor and the heating and cooling system varies according to the geographical region. Their facilities include heater, wood-burning stove, cooler and ceiling fan; in addition, they have shared bathrooms either outside or inside the house. Some houses offer local food and some cooking facilities.

Wooden Cottages

As a kind of eco-camp, they are more environment-friendly due to their little carbon dioxide emission, so they are more favored by nature lovers who desire to stay in cozy places. They have limited amenities, but guests can experience rural life, taste local food and get familiar with local customs. It is more common to use these cottages in warm seasons.


Kapars are traditional temporary dwellings with limited amenities in villages of central cities in Iran. They are made of Tamarisk and palm trees with spherical, conical and oval composition. It is noteworthy that some hotels in Iran are built in the shape of kapar and have good amenities.

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