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Ardabil (2 nights and 3 days)

Ardabil Ardabil
Duration: 3 Days
Scale: 2 - 20 people
From: Ardabil
Tour size: 20
Best Time Tour: May-november
Transportations: Bus
Watching the eye-catching nature of Sabalan mountain, visiting one World registered site, walking on the beautiful suspension bridge of Meshginshahr .

From the Dynasty of the Springs

Price Ranges

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Visiting Attractions: World-registered tomb of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardabili, hot springs of sareyn, Ardabil Anthropoly Museum and Bathhouse, Ardabil Jameh Mosque, Haft Cheshmeh Bridge, Shah Abbas Bathhouse, Shahr-e Yeri Archeological Complex, MeshginshahrSuspension Bridge




Your Tour Highlights

  • You will experience the freshness of the climate along with the eye-catching and mesmerizing nature on the charming slopes of the glorious Sabalan Mountain.
  • As one of the most important places to have hot springs, Sareyn offers tousrists water therapy. Sareyn hot springs treat many illnesses due to their temperature, properties and soluble substances in its water.
  • You will visit the tomb of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardabili, a mausoleum in Ali Qapo Square in Ardabil, which is the best place for those who love historical and religious sites. This building is the only registered work of Ardabil in the UNESCO World Heritage.
  • The beautiful suspension bridge of Meshginshahr becomes a very good memory for you.
  • You will see the ancient Shahriri complex, which includes more than 500 elevated inscriptions between 70 and 360 centimeters high, mostly painted like human figures. The human designs on the heavy stones are in the form of hand-to-chest individuals with a dagger tied around the waist and usually without mouth.

Additional description of the trip

Tour Type Classical

Classical tours

This type of tour is a combination of different types of trips like nature, cultural and adventure trips, and it is designed in a way that people with different age groups and interests can participate and get acquainted with new aspects of group trips. At first glance, such trips may not be different from trips made by families and individuals in private cars, but it must be said that such trips (according to the travelers themselves) have features that distinguish them from personal trips. These features include meeting new people, seeing places that are usually not paid attention to for reasons like rushing to the destination, driving, being tired, and not having enough knowledge of the history, culture and climate of an area that is offered by a tour guide.

Considering the main purpose of such trips, which is to create diversity and vitality in general public, make them more familiar with responsible trips, and make them aware of sustainable tourism, mostly families and individuals are interested in group trips. Such trips usually include visits to several natural or cultural sites or a combination of both. Of course, such programs neither have the same difficulty as nature tours, nor provide specific historical and cultural information, which are offered in special cultural tours. An attempt is made to consider an intermediate plan for travelers in order to get the maximum satisfaction while fulfilling the initial goals of Persian trips tourism agency.

Tour Difficulty: Level Two

The Order of Tours With a Ievel of Difficulty one

Moderate 2

This tour is accessible to people who are physically active and can walk 3-5 hours per day on rough terrain with small slope. You need to carry a backpack for your personal belongings such as sunglasses, water bottle, snacks, ID card, sunscreen, a pair of shoes, extra clothes, and other items.

Learn more about this style of tour

Rules to participate in classical tours

1- In Persian trips group travels, the purpose of the agency is to make new changes in the traveler's morale. In other words, we want travelers to get rid of the physical and mental fatigue caused by daily work by making them communicate with people, being in a happy and friendly environment, visiting new places and having new experiences.

2- Persian trips group travels are based on having maximum enjoyment and gaining new experiences; therefore, luxury accommodations like hotels are avoided while the best facilities available in the areas are considered for the welfare of travelers.

3- Visiting villages, local communities and new places that may not have been paid attention to despite being close to our living places is one of the goals in such tours.

Dear fellow travelers are expected to pay attention to the aforementioned rules and participate in such trips with the necessary knowledge.


Included Meals 3 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches
Visiting Cities Ardabil, Meshginshahr, Sarein
Distance Between Cities Ardabil to Sarein(32km), Ardabil to Meshginshahr(101 km)
 Cities to accommodate Ardabil(3 star hotel)
Needed Items Needed Items: Passport - Visa - Insurance - Seasons clothing - Walking shoes - Hats - Sunglasses - Personal glass - Power bank - Personal hygiene items
Service Level standard STANDARD Click for more information
Important Tips
  • During the trip, it is possible to have different hours for eating meals, sleeping and having a rest, and we might experience longer or shorter hours than scheduled on the road (by vehicle or on foot). We are likely to face adverse local or environmental weather, or unexpected events.
  • The traveler is obliged to respect the customs and observe the norms of the host community and the common customs in the region, and in this regard, you should follow the recommendations of the tour guide.
  • The passenger is obliged to participate in the tour plan during the announced hours and if you are not present on time in the tour, you will be personally obliged to accept possible problems and pay the relevant fees to join the group and continue the tour program, and the tour guide is not responsible for that.
  • All expenses outside the program such as personal purchases, purchase of optional tours, entrance fees of sites outside the itinerary, etc. are excluded and are the responsibility of the travelers to pay for them.
  • If passengers need to take any medication prescribed by a doctor or use special medical equipment, they must have them during the trip and must inform their travel guide about this issue.

Day 1: Visiting Ardabil

After having breakfast, we will visit the world registered site: the tomb of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardabili. In addition to the artistic value and architecture of the tomb, which has made it one of the masterpieces of Iranian architecture, it has a special mystical and sacred value among the people. Visiting Ardabil Anthropology Museum and Bathhouse are the next destinations. In this museum, 33 types of sculptures with local and ritual clothing of  Ardabil province are displayed, each of which in different situations express a part of the culture and customs of this province. We will have lunch, get ready to go to Ardabil Bazaar and visit Shurabil beautiful lake.

Tour services

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3-Star Hotel 
In Ardabil

Day 2: Visiting Ardabil and Sarein

We will have breakfast and get ready to visit Ardabil Grand Mosque, which is one of the oldest mosques in Iran. It dates back to the Seljuk era and displays Iranian-Islamic architecture well. Visiting Haft Cheshmeh Bridge, Shah Abbas Bathhouse are the destinations for the second day. After having Lunch, we will move to Sareyn and try its natural hot water spa, and then we will return to hotel and rest.

Tour services

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In Hotel
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3-Star Hotel
In Ardabil

Day 3: Visiting Meshginshahr

After breakfast, we will drive to Meshginshahr to visit the ancient Shahr-e Yeri complex and see the stone sculptures of the area, which are unique in Iran. After lunch, we will visit the longest suspension bridge in the Middle East, Meshginshahr suspension bridge and have a pleasant walking experience. For rest, we will go to a hotel in Sareyn.

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Conditions of traveling to Iran
  • Carrying passport, visa, and insurance is necessary while vising sites on tour. For more information about visa, click here.
  • Tourists need to get travel insurance before the trip because it is not included in tour service.

  • Iran is not connected to international currency, so you cannot count on you credit cards and bank account; therefore, it is necessary to have enough cash on you. Besides exchange offices in Iran international airports, there are exchange offices in all cities and some hotels to convert your money. Although the official currency in Iran is rial, toman is used for normal daily economic activities, with an exception of writing account balances in rials; each toman equals to ten rials.
  • In addition to Fridays, which are considered as public holidays in Iran, days attributed to cultural, national and religious events are commemorated, so some of these days are closed in the official calendar. On Fridays and public holidays, government organizations and some private organizations are closed.
  • After entering Iran, you are obliged to respect and observe domestic laws and regulations (customs, clothing, etc.); visiting some of Iran religious attractions requires observing the rules regarding clothing. Click for more information about this issue.
General conditions of the tours
  • Recommended packages are flexible, and there will be the potential to change the itinerary and its expenses according to the tourists' request, the capacity of hotels and accommodations, flight programs, peak and non-peak travel seasons, etc.
  • Since Iran has a four-season climate, it is possible to have incoming tours throughout the year; however, some of the recommended packages are designed for particular seasons and time, so make sure you consider the season of your chosen tour.
  • Some of Iran attractions have a time limit to visit. In other words, these sites are closed on some days of the week, so these sites might be omitted and replaced by another one depending on the situation.
  • Some attractions in Iran have difficult access routes, so when you are buying a tour, pay attention to your chosen package type and degree of difficulty along with its related points. Click to get more information about this issue.
  • The very first and last visits of the tour may be changed or omitted depending on the time of flight.
  • The offered packages' rate is approximate and varies according to the number of people and the exact time of the tour (during peak or non-peak days).

From / per person

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Important information
  • Local English-speaking leader and if necessary, local guide.
  • Available internet access along most routes and hotels. (Some hotels or residences may have limited internet access as mentioned in the Itinerary).
  • Snacks are served daily.
  • The entrance tickets are paid according to the plan and sites in the itinerary.
  • All the process of taking visa is done by Persian Trips Tourism Agency.
  • All airport transfers and transportation are included in tour services.
  • Travel insurance is not included in tour services and the tourist needs to apply for the visa prior to the travel.
  • Giving tip is not included in tour services and it is the responsibility of the tourist.
  • The cost of purchasing tickets for foreign flights is not covered by the Agency services. If requested, the cost can be added to the package rate.
  • You need to pay 35% of the total tour cost 30 days before the trip.
  • You have to pay 100% of tour cost (full payment) 29 days before the trip.
  • If you cancel your registration 30 days before the trip, 30% of your payment will be forfeit.
  • If cancel your registration 29 days to 15 days before the trip, 50% of your payment will not be refunded.
  • If you cancel your registration 14 days before the trip, 100% of your payment will be forfeit.



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Wind: NNE at 3.09 M/S

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