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Climbing Damavand (2 nights and 3 days)

tehran Tehran
Duration: 3 Days
Scale: 2 - 20 people
From: tehran
Tour size: 20
To: Tehran
Best Time Tour: June, September
Transportations: Car Bus Walking
Having the experience of climbing the highest peak in Iran, which is known as the roof of Iran, watching the unique landscapes of nature, seeing the first national natural site of Iran

In the Height of the Sky

Price Ranges

per person

for 2-3


for 4-8


for 9-15


for over 16

Visiting Attraction: Damavand Peak


Your Tour Highlights

  • You will have the experience of climbing the highest peak in Iran.
  • You will have the chance to see the slopes of Damavand Peak, which is covered with colorful carpets of medicinal plants and red poppy flowers in spring and summer.
  • The beauties of nature on the way to Damavand peak excites every one.
  • You will have an indescribable experience of living in nature.

Additional description of the trip

Tour Type Nature

Nature Tours

In these tours, the main aim is to visit a special natural site or stay in the nature. Needless to say, this type of trip is not suitable for everyone; therefore, the time and conditions of the event and the number of participants are special. People who participate in such tours are very interested in nature and can tolerate harsh natural conditions (such as using the latrine if necessary, not having bath for several consecutive days, and long walks). In addition, all the principles of nature tourism are carefully taught and observed. These tours are compatibile with nature, so they require their own conditions. Nature tours themselves are divided into several categories in terms of type and level of difficulty.

Tour Difficulty: Level Five

The Order of Tours With a Ievel of Difficulty one

Strenuous 5

This tour suits people with great physical fitness and background in mountain climbing and can walk 6-8 hours per day on steep slope (mountains with high altitude). You need to carry a backpack for your personal belongings such as warm clothes, extra clothes, extra socks, extra shoes, rain poncho, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping bag pad, climbing baton, headlamp or flashlight, meals, and other items.

Learn more about this style of tour

Rules to participate in nature tours

1. We are nature lovers who do not leave any other effect in nature except our footprints; in addition, photo is the only thing that we take from nature.

2- We care about our safety and protection principles throughout the trip and we fully observe it.

3- Using fresh air, silence, tranquility of nature, being one with nature and seeing its beautiful landscapes are among the common goals of all of us as nature lovers.

4- We follow the principles of having healthy and nature-compatible food tourism.

5. We follow all the principles of group traveling and avoid personal decisions outside the group.


Included Meals 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch
Visiting Cities  
Distance Between Cities Sari to Rineh ( 156km )
Residential Cities 2 nights in tent
Needed Items Passport, visa, insurance, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping bag mat, suitable mountaineering clothes, mountaineering shoes, poncho, Gore-Tex jacket, Gore-Tex gloves, suitable mountaineering pants, polar cap, sun hat, mountaineering glasses, baton, cooking utensils, Headlamp, Oxygen spray, Small flask, Personal glass, Power bank, Healthy snacks, Sunscreen, Personal medicine, Personal hygiene items,Garbage bag
Service Level basic BASIC Click for more information
Important Tips
  • This program can also be run from Tehran.
  • The way to climb Damavand peak in this program is from the southern front, which is the simplest and oldest way to reach the peak.
  • The amount of walking time is approximate and varies depending on physical fitness and the number of tourists.
  • You can use cattle to transport loads from the Goosfand sara to the third court.
  • The cost of renting livestock, if used, is the responsibility of the tourist.
  • There is no spring along the way to the third court, so be sure to have enough water with you to the third court.
  • During the trip, it is possible to have different hours for eating meals, sleeping and having a rest, and we might experience longer or shorter hours than scheduled on the road (by vehicle or on foot). We are likely to face adverse local or environmental weather, or unexpected events.
  • The traveler is obliged to respect the customs and observe the norms of the host community and the common customs in the region, and in this regard, you should follow the recommendations of the tour guide.
  • The passenger is obliged to participate in the tour plan during the announced hours and if you are not present on time in the tour, you will be personally obliged to accept possible problems and pay the relevant fees to join the group and continue the tour program, and the tour guide is not responsible for that.
  • All expenses outside the program such as personal purchases, purchase of optional tours, entrance fees of sites outside the itinerary, etc. are excluded and are the responsibility of the travelers to pay for them.
  • If passengers need to take any medication prescribed by a doctor or use special medical equipment, they must have them during the trip and must inform their travel guide about this issue.
  • All breakfast meals are included in the tour and are served in a hotel or traditional accommodation.

Day 1: Climbing Damavand

After having breakfast, we will drive to Rineh, and use the local car to reach Goosfand sara (shelter for herds of goats and sheep of the locals) which is the beginning of the route. We will have lunch, and then walk about 4-5 hours on the path to reach the third camp. We will rest overnight in a shelter or tent.

Tour services

In this day

In Hotel
By Tourist

In Nature
By Tourist

In Nature

Day 2: Climbing Damavand

After having breakfast and packing, we will have about 6-7 hours of mountaineering and watch the beautiful scenery along the way. When we reach the icy waterfall, we will relax, have lunch and continue the route. After that, we will cross the sulfur hill and reach the peak. We will have a rest, return to third court and stay overnight in a shelter or tent.

Tour services

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In Nature
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In Nature

Day 3: Coming back to Sari

After having breakfast and packing up, we will walk back to Goosfand Sara and use the local car to go to Rineh. We will have lunch and return to Sari.

Tour services

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In Nature
By Tourist

In Local Restaurant
By Tour


Conditions of traveling to Iran
  • Carrying passport, visa, and insurance is necessary while vising sites on tour. For more information about visa, click here.
  • Tourists need to get travel insurance before the trip because it is not included in tour service.

  • Iran is not connected to international currency, so you cannot count on you credit cards and bank account; therefore, it is necessary to have enough cash on you. Besides exchange offices in Iran international airports, there are exchange offices in all cities and some hotels to convert your money. Although the official currency in Iran is rial, toman is used for normal daily economic activities, with an exception of writing account balances in rials; each toman equals to ten rials.
  • In addition to Fridays, which are considered as public holidays in Iran, days attributed to cultural, national and religious events are commemorated, so some of these days are closed in the official calendar. On Fridays and public holidays, government organizations and some private organizations are closed.
  • After entering Iran, you are obliged to respect and observe domestic laws and regulations (customs, clothing, etc.); visiting some of Iran religious attractions requires observing the rules regarding clothing. Click for more information about this issue.
General conditions of the tours
  • Recommended packages are flexible, and there will be the potential to change the itinerary and its expenses according to the tourists' request, the capacity of hotels and accommodations, flight programs, peak and non-peak travel seasons, etc.
  • Since Iran has a four-season climate, it is possible to have incoming tours throughout the year; however, some of the recommended packages are designed for particular seasons and time, so make sure you consider the season of your chosen tour.
  • Some of Iran attractions have a time limit to visit. In other words, these sites are closed on some days of the week, so these sites might be omitted and replaced by another one depending on the situation.
  • Some attractions in Iran have difficult access routes, so when you are buying a tour, pay attention to your chosen package type and degree of difficulty along with its related points. Click to get more information about this issue.
  • The very first and last visits of the tour may be changed or omitted depending on the time of flight.
  • The offered packages' rate is approximate and varies according to the number of people and the exact time of the tour (during peak or non-peak days).

From / per person

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Departs at
20 participants left
Important information
  • Local English-speaking leader and if necessary, local guide.
  • Available internet access along most routes and hotels. (Some hotels or residences may have limited internet access as mentioned in the Itinerary).
  • Snacks are served daily.
  • The entrance tickets are paid according to the plan and sites in the itinerary.
  • All the process of taking visa is done by Persian Trips Tourism Agency.
  • All airport transfers and transportation are included in tour services.
  • Travel insurance is not included in tour services and the tourist needs to apply for the visa prior to the travel.
  • Giving tip is not included in tour services and it is the responsibility of the tourist.
  • The cost of purchasing tickets for foreign flights is not covered by the Agency services. If requested, the cost can be added to the package rate.
  • You need to pay 35% of the total tour cost 30 days before the trip.
  • You have to pay 100% of tour cost (full payment) 29 days before the trip.
  • If you cancel your registration 30 days before the trip, 30% of your payment will be forfeit.
  • If cancel your registration 29 days to 15 days before the trip, 50% of your payment will not be refunded.
  • If you cancel your registration 14 days before the trip, 100% of your payment will be forfeit.



Humidity: 55%
Wind: NNE at 3.09 M/S

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