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Pisason is one of the most pristine jungles located in Gilan province. Picturesque nature, cool weather, absolute peace and beautiful clouds here and there are the distinct features of this fascinating jungle. Oak, hornbeam, alder and boxwood trees are parts of this jungle's vegetation.

Mountainous areas and eye-catching jungles have created picturesque sceneries in this area. The pristine nature, pleasant and cool weather, especially in the first half of the year, draw many tourists to Gilan province annually. The pleasant weather has turned Pisason to a suitable destination for summer vacations for many people, especially people from Tehran and central cities in Iran. We can do forest walk, sit around fire at night, recollect past memories, taste the pleasant wood-fire brewed tea and charred potatoes, water play, stroll in pastures and enjoy the spectacular view. In addition to summer, you can enjoy looking at the colorful leaves of trees and picturesque nature in autumn. Moreover, this region is a unique atmosphere for photographers. Persian Trips tourism group can create a memorable travel experience to this region for you with an exciting itinerary.


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