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Ilam Province


This province is almost one of the provinces covered with forest in Iran. This area was called Poshtkuh (behind the mountains) before the reign of Reza Shah; however, during his reign, the name of Hosseinabad village was changed to Ilam and then was chosen as the capital city of Ilam province on September 1935 in order to commemorate the greatness and glory of the ancient Elamite civilization. Ilam has ten cities called Abdanan, Ilam, Ivan, Badreh, Darhshahr, Dehloran, Chardavol, Malekshahi, Mehran and Sirvan.


Ilam province is located in the west of Iran in a mountainous and semi-warm region with an area of 20133 square kilometers, with Ilam as the capital. Ilam province is bordered by Iraq in the west, Khuzestan province in the south, Lorestan province in the east and Kermanshah province in the north. According to the statistical center of Iran, the population of 563898 people was recorded for this province in 2009.


The people who live in this land, like other neighboring areas, have always had strong culture and traditional rituals, which were sometimes borrowed from their neighbors and then was localized. Chamar traditional custom is one of these local customs that was believed to originate from Lorestan. Chamar is set up to honor and glorify the pious, brave and religious people.


The local cuisine and handicrafts of this province, which are the work of men and women of this region, have been famous from the past till now. The handicrafts of this province, suiting every taste, attract tourists. Ilam long-known kilim and Ilam quilt weaving are the most important handicrafts of this province. Foods such as Tarehkoohi stew, Kashkineh, Torkhineh, rice and famous meat of Dehloran are just a few delicious and nutritious foods of this beautiful and lovely land.

Tourist Attractions

Ilam province with its unique and spectacular natural resources draws the attention of many tourists; the attractions of this province are both historical and natural. Despite its small size, this province has so many capacities and potentials in tourism industry that every tourist wants to experience. Ilam Vali Castle, Malekshahi Assyrian inscription (Golgol), Gonbad Cemetery, Siahgel Ivan Fire Temple, Falahati Palace of Ilam, Takht Khan Inscription, Shirin and Farhad Ivan arch, Ilam Gavmishan Bridge, Ilam Museum of Natural History, Sirvan Historic City, Sirvan Shamshe Strait, Ilam Vali Mosque, Chenar Ilam Cemetery, Gavmishan Bridge, Ilam dam lake, Seymareh Historical City, Zamzam lagoon (located in 74 km east of Ilam) are some of the famous sights of the province.

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Vali Castle

Vali Castle:Ilam is the cradle of one of the kingdoms of ancient Iran before the massive migration of Aryans. A fertile and green land that has witnessed various events from the attacks of Assyria, Alexander the Great and the Romans to Ottomans invasion and the 8-year Iran-Iraq war (1988-1980 AD).

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Kafarin strait

Kafarin Strait is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Ilam province. Shaddad Strait and Kafri Strait are other letters that the natives attribute to this region.

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Ilam Gavmishan Bridge

Ilam Gavmishan Bridge

Ilam Gavmishan Bridge is one of the most famous and largest historical bridges in Iran; according to some archaeologists, this bridge is an ancient engineering feat. This bridge is located on the border between Lorestan and Ilam provinces, 15 km from Dare shahr.

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