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Buchir Canyon

Like the coolness of the wind catchers in the hot desert of Yazd, there is a paradise in the heart of southern Iran, which offers pleasant spring and autumn weather to travelers in a hot environment.

Buchir Canyon is the hidden paradise in the Valley of Hormozgan Mountains. This canyon, named after the historical village (former living place of some Arab tribes of Qatar), is located in one of the southernmost parts of Iran and on the northern shore of the Persian Gulf.


The canyon nature and its waterfall

Because the canyon is located in the shadow of the mountains, it is not only safe from the scorching sun of the southern region, but also hosts a spring and a waterfall with flowing and cool water, which allows you to travel to this place in any season of the year. However, the best season to travel to the canyon is summer. Due to the coldness of the air inside Buchir, the temperature may drop below zero degrees.

The path to the extraordinary Buchir canyon is about 500 meters long and at the end of the path, you will reach the not so high rocks to the main spring that supplies the water of the canyon and the waterfall originating from it. The water depth of the path ahead is about 700 meters at the beginning and 35 meters at the spring.


Important points about visiting Buchir

* As mentioned, due to the high depth of the water, you must know how to swim; in addition, it is better to bring facilities such as an inflatable tube and a life jacket. *At the same time, you can also use a boat to travel the route. *Try to travel with a familiar person to the canyon. *To visit the main spring, you must have the ability and skill to climb the rocks.


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