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Opert Ridge

If you want to see a blurring border between cold and heat, desert and forest, or rain and scorching sun, the best place is Opert summer resort, located between the two provinces of Semnan and Mazandaran. Oppert is actually the name of a village near this mountain, so far not much research has been done on the history of its name. But in the following, in addition to expressing the natural features, the origin of the name “Opert” is also examined.

Name background

If we want to put it simply,Opert is most similar to the name operti (Aparni-Aparthi-Parthie). Aparthi is the name of the Parthian tribe that later established the Parthian government in Iran. The issue becomes more interesting when we know that the region of Semnan and Gorgan is considered as part of their main territory from the very beginning.Therefore, the origin of the name Opert can be found in the Parth tribe.



The high diversity of animal and plant species (wild horses, medicinal plants, etc.), green mountains, bubbling springs, and foggy stone roads are all natural features of this region. In addition, you can visit Finsk waterfall, Oben waterfall and Badab-e- Surt, each of which is a miracle of nature. Beside these sights, the tents of local nomads and their herds convey the nostalgic feeling of human life to you.

History, geography, nature painting and pristine human life meet in Opert Ridge. Do you want to miss it ?!


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