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Khoy Stone Gate

Khoy city in West Azarbaijan province is one of the oldest centers of human civilization dating back to 7000 years ago, with traces of different periods of human life found all over it. One of these attractions is a stone gate on the south side overlooking Khoy market, which was a part of the city's great wall in the past centuries.

When Was the Gate Built?

The northwestern region of Iran (Eastern and Western Azerbaijan, as well as Ardebil) received a lot of attention in 3 periods; Ilkhanate, Safavid and Qajar. Due to the proximity of the architecture of all 3 periods, researchers disagree on the time of the gate's construction. Although some mistakenly consider this building to belong to the ancient history of Iran, examining the historical texts and the texture of the building shows that the gate was probably built in the Ilkhanid era and was renovated during the Safavid and Qajar periods.

Architectural Features of the Stone Gate

As mentioned, this gate is the only remnant of the Khoy city wall. For greater security, a ditch, which was connected to the stone gate by a bridge, was dug around the fence. Its defense-security nature has made the material to be made of brick and stone. Like all Islamic architectural buildings, Stone Gate also has an arch dome under which 2 lions are carved with a very simple shape. Interestingly, you can see the effect of the bullets fired by the Ottoman invaders on these carved lions.

Stone Gate of Khoy has withstood foreign attacks for many years. Let's be diligent in maintaining it !!!



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