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Lafur Dam

The mixture of color and wind, the brilliance of the sun reflection on the water, the peace of the endless greenery of the trees belonging to the Hyrcanian forests: all these beauties are gathered in Lafur Dam (Alborz). In Savadkuh (Mazandaran province), a lake that came to existence due to the construction of the dam has created an environment that cannot be found anywhere else.

As you know, the north of Iran is a rich source of flora and fauna; you will witness unique and wonderful landscapes due to sufficient rainfall and fertile soil.

The dam and its natural-biological features

Unique features are gathered in this place:

* The lake is located in the heart of Hyrkanian forests with a green island in the middle that can only be reached by boat. You can also spend your time fishing.

* If someone is interested in photography, the colorful trees and plants of the forest are the best subjects for photography; A tree, known as the "thousand color" tree, makes the forest even more picturesque.

* The smell of moist soil and diverse forest plants exhilarate every passerby.

* Another feature of this region is its access to a number of scenic places in the north of Iran; Gazou Waterfall, Veresk Bridge, Shur mast Lake, Haft Abshar(Seven Waterfalls), Zangian Cave, and Urim Forest.


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