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Jameh Mosque of Yazd

After the Arab invasion to Iran, Muslims built mosques on the ruins of fire temples of the Sassanid era .In the middle ages of Islamic history, the Grand Mosque of every city was considered to determine the identity and body of the city. As a result, Jameh Mosque of Yazd played an important role in Yazd as the religious center.

In the Timurid period, this struture replaced 3 mosques that were built in the 7th century after the fall of the Sassanids. For this reason, a combination of Ilkhanid-Timurid architecture can be seen there .


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Architectural features of Yazd Jameh Mosque

The design of the mosque consists of a dome and a long shabestan (prayer hall). Inside the shabestan, there are wide and all-round arches with mosaic tile decorations. Islamic motifs and inscriptions inside the mosque are among the best examples of Islamic architecture. One of the most attractive architectural points of this building is the use of the psychology of colors in the installation of blue tiles in order to induce cool air in the heat of Yazd. Almost all visitors will feel this experience.

If you look carefully at the building of the mosque, you will notice 5 different types of decoration (from animal motifs to inscriptions). These differences are due to the changes applied to the building in different periods (Buyid - Seljuqs - Timurids - Safavids – Qajar) These differences make Jameh Mosque of Yazd one of the unique mosques of the Islamic era from the perspective of architectural composition.


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